Dateline: March 8, 2000

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INES Congress 2000

''Challenges for Science and Engineering in the 21st Century''

Stockholm, 14-18 June 2000


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CONTENTS of WNII No. 9/2000


UK: Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR) Newsletter (No.  20/Spring 2000)  http://www.sgr.org.uk

The latest SGR Newsletter is a special issue on climate change. It  carries the following main articles:  

plus SGR news, as well as book and conference reviews.   Please note the email and website changes of SGR in the section "INES  Web- + Email Service" elsewhere in this issue.   To receive a copy of the SGR Newsletter, contact the SGR Administrator  Kate Maloney:    

Russia: 7th Conference of the Socio-Ecological Union (SEU)  

In preparing for the 7th SEU Conference, to be held in Kiev (Ukraine) in  August this year, a "SEU Times" Special issue-1/March 2000 has been  produced, carrying a contribution on the SEU strategy for the 21  century.   To receive a copy, contact the SEU CCI Press-secretaries:   

Hague Appeal for Peace: Global Campaign for Peace Education  

As part of this campaign, the Hague Appeal has been establishing a Peace  Education listserve intended to be a forum for educators, members of  civil society and individuals interested in peace education to share   ideas and resources and network with others interested in promoting  peace education.   To subscribe, send an email to:      To learn more about the campaign, visit  http://www.ipb.org   Also, be sure to check out the new HAP website  http://www.haguepeace.org    

USA: Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF), The Sunflower, No. 34,  March 2000  Back issues: http://www.wagingpeace.org/sf/index.html  

(Please note the subscription changes in the section "INES Web- + Email  Service" elsewhere in this issue.)    The latest edition of The Sunflower covers the following:  


Abolition 2000 homepage: http://www.abolition2000.org

Grassroots News: http://www.napf.org/abolition2000/news/  

Briefings on the 2000 NPT Review Conference
Note that I am compiling all "Briefings ." published so far as a  separate rtf-file. So if you wish to get an (always updated) overview of  what has been published here on the NPT Review Conference, I am able to  send you this compilation upon request.  T. Damjanov

New Zealand Parliament calls on all nations to pursue nuclear  disarmament   On 23 February, the New Zealand Parliament adopted without dissent a  motion moved by Prime Minister Helen Clark, marking the dawning of the  year 2000 with an appeal to all member states of the United Nations to  join in fulfilling the obligation to pursue in good faith and bring to a  conclusion negotiations leading to nuclear disarmament in all its  aspects under strict and effective international control.   If you wish to obtain the wording of the motion adopted by Parliament  and/or a copy of the Prime Minister's speech in moving the motion,  please contact:   Alyn Ware 

Report from the NGO Planning Meeting on 24 February   This report which you can obtain from the WNII editor, notes, among  other things, that   -- the three-hour session for NGO presentations to delegates will be  scheduled for Wednesday, May 3, most likely in the afternoon;   -- everyone interested in contributing input to the NGO presentations  should make immediate contact with the appropriate convener or conveners  (the list of these conveners is given in the Report but is too long to   be reprinted here - so if you wish to contribute, ask for the report in  full; td)   The Report also gives the list of invitees who have accepted invitation   to participate in NPT activities (as of February 29): Ron Dellums ***  Daniel Ellsberg *** Lev Feoktistov *** Oren Lyons *** Admiral Ramdas ***  Jonathan Schell *** Christopher Weeramantry *** Alexi Yablokov   The next meeting is scheduled for 17 March.

You can get this paper either from the WNII editor or from Bahig Nassar: < >

"What Next for the NPT?" (UNIDIR disarmament forum one/2000)   Released just in time, the quarterly of the UN Institute for Disarmament  Research contains the following articles:

Articles are published in English and French.    For a copy, contact: 

Abolition 2000 activities  (from the Minutes of the Abolition Co-ordinating Committee Conference  Call on 25 Feb)  

NGOs' "Recommendations for Action" letter to governments  represented at the NPT Conference    It is intended to help organise NGOs views on the forward-looking   portion of the upcoming Conference with a view to the adoption of these ideas by the conference or, at least, by a large majority of parties to the conference. It will be sent to the heads of states and foreign  ministers of NPT States Parties, as well as officials from India,  Pakistan, and Israel.   The recommendations in this letter build upon the 1995 NPT "Principles and Objectives" document  http://www.un.org/Depts/dda/WMD/NPT.htm    and draws upon recommendations contained in the "New Agenda Coalition"  resolution of 1999  http://www.acronym.org.uk/unnac99.htm     The letter is motivated by the fact that this NPT Review Conference will be contentious and may be perceived as a "failure" if agreement is not reached on forward-looking goals for disarmament and non-proliferation.  Reaching agreement on this aspect of the Review Conference will require the coordinated efforts of a large number of like-minded states and pressure from NGOs in each of several important capitals.   This letter was originally drafted by Arjun Makhijani (IEER, INES member  organisation), Daryl Kimball (Coalition to Reduce Nuclear Dangers), and   Martin Butcher (BASIC) at the suggestion of participants at a February 1   meeting on the NPT in Washington DC involving several disarmament NGOs.  It has benefited from the comments and suggestions of a number of NGOs.   For the letter in full, and corresponding details, visit:  http://www.clw.org/coalition/nptsign-on0300.htm     NOTE that the letter should be signed NOT LATER THAN March 15.


NGO Energy & Climate Change Caucus: Useful web references  

Contact of the NGO Energy & Climate Change Caucus Coordinators:  Coordinator for the South: Rajat Chaudhuri (India)     Coordinator for the North: Deling Wang (USA)


Survey re: Proceedings of the upcoming World Congress of the Systems  Sciences   

(This is a message from Peter Corning, Ph.D., President, World  Congress/International Society for the Systems Sciences2000; see the  Conference Announcement in WNII No. 8/2000)   As a part of the planning for the World Congress of the Systems Sciences  this July in Toronto, we are seeking to arrange for a special   "commemorative volume" that will consist mainly of conference-related   items that will NOT be included in our regular conference Proceedings.  These will encompass, among other things:  

PLEASE respond by March 15th to the following brief survey questions,  which we hope will provide valuable information for our potential  publisher:   Question 1. In general, would you have any interest in purchasing this  volume: "yes" or "no"    Question 2. If this volume were to be priced at $49.50, would you, in   that case, be interested in purchasing it: "yes" or "no"    Question 3. If you answered "yes" to Q.1 and "no" to Q.2, would a lower  price (say 20 percent less) change your answer in Q.2: "yes" "no"   You may respond by listing the question number and your choice of  answers.   We would very much appreciate your help.   Peter Corning, Ph.D. 

UNCTAD X, Bangkok, 12-20 Feb 2000  http://www.unctad-10.org

From WNII Editor:  If you are interested in UNCTAD X, I can provide some selected  background articles:  

Send your request to:


10th Annual General Meeting of ANPED Northern Alliance for  Sustainability: "A new era of NGO participation"  http://www.antenna.nl/anped/

For more details,  mailto:

International Conference and Exhibition on Sustainable and Renewable  Raw Materials  http://www.europoint-bv.com   

For more details,  mailto:

International Summer Academy on Technology Studies: Strategies of a  Sustainable Product Policy http://www.ifz.tu-graz.ac.at/sumacad/

The Summer Academy will focus on interventions and policy measures  aiming at a more sustainable way of manufacturing and using products.  Participants will discuss the consequences and perspectives of an   analysis aiming at the integrative level of products taking into account  the social and cultural dimensions of the design, consumption and use of  products as well as instruments and strategies leading us towards a  sustainable product policy.   

Call for Papers:  Participants are encouraged to present a paper related to the conference  topic. Please submit a one page abstract and a maximum of one page on  your work and research background. The deadline for submissions is  Friday, March 31, 2000.   For more details,   mailto:

Global Conference On Peace 2000 

The purpose of the conference is to provide a forum for thoughtful and  constructive dialogue on the urgent issue of establishing long-lasting  peace and stability in the world at the dawn of the 21st century. Our   aim is to get the people of the world to declare the first 25 years of  the new century a period of peace so that developing countries can  establish priorities and to focus on developing their health, education  and economic infrastructure.    The conference will seek to identify the requisite steps needed to   establish peace and which in turn will include a commitment to  dialogue and renunciation of hostile confrontation, the preservation and  enrichment of the physical, intellectual and spiritual environment, the  protection of the rich cultural ethnic, linguistic, racial and religious  diversity, as well as the realization of global economic prosperity and social progress.   For more details,  goto: http://www0.delphi.com/peaceportal/


All INES e-mail addresses and homepages are available upon request from: < >

CHANGES: Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR), UK  

SGR now has a set of new email addresses (in alphabetical order of  function):  

Accordingly, the web-site domain of SGR has changed to:  http://www.sgr.org.uk

CHANGE: Indian Institute for Peace, Disarmament and Environmental  Protection (IIPDEP)  

Note the following change of email address:  

CHANGE: NAPF's "The Sunflower" list service  

"The Sunflower", an electronic monthly provided by the INES member  organisation Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF), has changed its list  service provider. "The Sunflower"will now be posted through the Egroups  list service.  Subscribe and unsubscribe actions can be done both by email to    or at the egroups website at  http://www.egroups.com   under the group name sunflower-napf  Back issues of "The Sunflower" will be available both at  http://www.wagingpeace.org   as well as at http://www.egroups.com   under  the group name sunflower-napf

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