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CONTENTS of WNII No. 8/2000


Hague Appeal for Peace: Call for articles (Source: Gouri Sadhwani, Director, The Hague Appeal for Peace)

The Hague Appeal for Peace is currently collecting articles for the next issue of its newsletter "Peace Matters". This issue will focus on two major themes: 1) Nuclear Abolition and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference; and 2) Peace Education initiatives.

Articles should particularly address the following sub-themes:

1) Nuclear Abolition / NPT Review Conference -Victims' perspectives on nuclear weapons development. -Is nuclear abolition possible? -Health and environmental consequences of the nuclear chain. -The New Diplomacy - the role of governments, UN departments and civil society in bringing about nuclear abolition. -New initiatives in the anti-nuclear movement. -Law and nuclear weapons.

2) Peace Education -New initiatives in bringing peace education into schools and communities. -New resources available to help teach for peace. -Regional updates and perspectives on peace education. -Different approaches to teaching youth about peace and justice in formal and informal settings.

Please send articles on either of these topics by March 20, 2000. All articles should be sent by email to: < > Articles should not exceed 500 words.


Abolition 2000 homepage: http://www.abolition2000.org

Grassroots News: http://www.napf.org/abolition2000/news/  

Briefings on the 2000 NPT Review Conference

Abolition 2000 NPT Call to Action   The Abolition 2000 Coordinating Committee has recently issued this Appeal which provides some prioritized ideas on what you can do concerning the upcoming NPT Conference. By the time you receive this WNII issue, this Call should be on the Abolition 2000 website (see above), but you can also obtain it from the WNII editor.

Positions of Egyptian and Arab governmental and non-governmental bodies  This is a briefing paper on the multifarious positions regarding the upcoming NPT Review Conference, which was recently distributed by Bahig Nassar, Egyptian INESAP member and Coordinator of the Cairo-based Arab Coordination Center of NGOs.

You can get this paper either from the WNII editor or from Bahig Nassar: < >

Jimmy Carter: A Nuclear Crisis   Former US President Jimmy Carter has written this article on the NPT Conference which appeared in the Washington Post, February 23, 2000. If you wish to obtain this article, send your request to the WNII editor.


Lawrence Livermore Lab chemist quit job to protest nuclear weapons (Sources: San Francisco Chronicle + Tri-Valley Herald and Oakland Tribune, 17 Feb 00)

Dr. Andreas Toupadakis, a chemist working at the US Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, has recently quit his job to protest nuclear weapons work and to encourage others to join the peace movement with him. Making his step public, he stated, among other things: ''I envision myself to be working with all my heart within the peace movement to bring awareness to all the people of the Earth what is happening behind closed doors.''

''The truth is that making weapons of mass destruction in the name of peace and possessing nuclear weapons is nothing else but an act of murder waiting to happen,'' he said. Toupadakis also said that unless he showed he was willing to sacrifice his $91,000 a year job, losing his health insurance and jeopardizing his house and the security of his family, he could not ask others to take a strong stand against nuclear weapons. ''If we do not sacrifice individually, we will not see any changes,'' he added.

In an open letter to Livermore Lab Director Bruce Tarter and nuclear lab scientists, Toupadakis asked weaponeers to abandon their research and pursue other careers. ''How can we continue to go back home after work every day and look in our childrens eyes and tell them that we are working for a safer world for them?'' he asks in the letter.

NOTE: Copies of Dr.Toupadakis Open Letter (8 pages) and press statement (4 pages) are available upon request from the US-based Western States Legal Foundation: < >


World Renewable Energies Congress http://www.wrenuk.co.uk/brighton/topics.html#topics  

For more details, contact A. Sayigh mailto:  

URBAN 21 Global Conference on the Urban Future http://www.urban21.de/english/index.html  

The Conference is one of the key elements of the Global Initiative on Sustainable Development

For more details, contact the German Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning mailto:  

Seminar on Sustainable Use of Water: Quality and Quantity http://www.britishcouncil.org/networkevents  

For more details, contact the Information Manager, International Networking Events mailto:  

World Congress of the Systems Sciences http://www.isss.org/2000meet/2000toc.htm  

The purpose of the Congress will be to provide a scientific forum for addressing the many challenges that humankind will face in the new century. The theme will be: "Understanding Complexity: The Systems Sciences in the New Millennium."

Participants in the Congress will also be entitled to attend the 44th annual meeting of the International Society for the Systems Sciences on Thursday to Saturday (July 20-22), which will feature panels and discussion sessions on a broad array of topics and issues.

For more details, contact Dr. Peter A. Corning (ISSS President): < >

or the local organizer (and INES member) Dr. Helmut (Ken) Burkhardt: < >

Electronic Conference on Business, the Economy and Sustainability http://www.green-innovations.asn.au/isee2000-bes.htm  

To subscribe to the free announcement e-mail list, send a blank e-mail message to: < >

For more details, mailto:  

IPRA 18th General Conference http://www.copri.copri.dk/ipra/18th-conf.htm  

Main theme: The Role of Peace Education in the Construction of a Sustainable Culture of Peace

For more details, contact Ian M. Harris, IPRA Peace Education Commission


Millennium Symposium on Science, Society and Human Rights Implementation of the UNESCO Declaration on Science and the Use of Scientific Knowledge for the 21st Century

The Millennium Symposium is a modest effort towards seeking the implementation of the UNESCO Declaration on Science for the 21st Century (Budapest, June-July 1999) - to secure the commitment of decision-makers to adopt national policies which provide sustained support for scientific research and favour the sharing and transfer of knowledge; and the ethical commitment of the scientific community underpinned by respect for truth and by the obligation to work-with respect for human rights- in favour of the well-being of the humanity.

The Millennium Symposium is associated with three other international events: (a), the 18th General Assembly of the WFSW; (b), the 67th and 68th Executive Council Meetings of the WFSW; and, (c), the Millennium Model United Nations.

For more details (in English and French language), goto: http://assoc.wanadoo.fr/fmts.wfsw/  

Proposals to submit panels/workshops/papers may be made directly to the Canada-U.S. Coordination Group, c/o Dr. Shreesh Juyal: < >

Registration form at: http://www.uregina.ca/arts/ms2000 

Euro Environment 2000 Second Environmental Conference on Industry and Environmental Performance http://www.akkc.dk/uk/euro/envire/  

For more details, contact Else Herfort or Steffen L. Thomsen, Euro Environment Secretariat mailto:  


No new or changed email or web addresses in this issue.  All INES e-mail addresses and homepages are available upon request from: < >

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