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No. 8/1997 ---------------------------------------------------------

Dateline: 14 Sep 1997

--- What's new in INES? --- What's new in INES? --- What's new in INES?---

Dear members and friends of INES;

Currently, much useful information about the NPT Review Conference and the PrepCom process is being circulated. I have compiled some of the latest material from the abolition-caucus listserver as a separate "WNII Special Briefing" No. I, because these articles are by far too lengthy for to be published in a regular WNII issue. This first "WNII Special Briefing" will be distributed automatically to all who receive WNII in its email version, and it will be posted as an attachment. Hope it is useful to you - and tell me what you think about the idea of having "WNII Special Briefings"

Best regards,

Tobias Damjanov, Editor Kreutzkamp 33, D-21465 Reinbek, Germany e-mail:

Proof reading by Kate Maloney, SGR UK

Note: Except as indicated, all web links are working as of 18 Sept. 1997; e-mail links are not verified.

--- What's new in INES? --- What's new in INES? --- What's new in INES?---


=== > WNII issues at the INES homepage

By the beginning of the September, Tom Munsey - who runs the INES homepage - had put the latest WNII issues at http://www.mindspring.com/~us016262/ines.html. Also, he has been verifying each web address and ftp site listed in WNII. For changes to your own homepage address contact Tom Munsey via his e-mail: (don't forget to post a copy of corresponding mails to WNII's editor: )

=== > INES Project "Spiritual Dimensions of Sustainability"

One of the results of the INES Congress on different aspects of sustainability (Amsterdam 1996) was the proposal for a new INES Project: "Spiritual Dimensions of Sustainability", cf. INES Newsletter No. 17, February 1997, p. 22. In the meantime we have had some very positive reactions. Other institutions are already working in this field, giving the opportunity of networking. Important impulses for our work came from the "Conference on Spirituality and Sustainability" in Assisi (Italy), which I was able to attend in July 1997. Looking at the many ways the "Spirit of Sustainability" is moving through ecojustice concerns, the conference included a large field of interdisciplinary topics:

- The Earth Charter and other initiatives in the context of progress since Rio 1992.

- Traditional world religions as well as a "secular spirituality" for a new, sustainable millenium.

- Science and technology: problems and solutions.

- New economics, incorporating natural and social capital.

- Academic knowledge and artistic expression for sustainability.

A more detailed report on this conference will be given soon in the INES Newsletter.

The series of Assisi Conferences will be continued in 1998. For further information please contact the organizer: Dr. Elisabeth Ferrero, St. Thomas University, Miami, Florida, USA; email .

!INFO! For regular information about our INES project please contact: Dr. F. Meyberg, Eberhardstr. 9, D-22041 Hamburg, Germany; 

=== > August 1997 "INES Newsletter" on WWW

Thanks to the combined work of Armin Tenner (the INES Newsletter editor) and Tom Munsey (who manages the INES website) the INES Newsletter is now available on the World-Wide Web. Check it out at: http://www.mindspring.com/~us016262/ines.html

Warmest regards,

Johan Swahn ()

--- What's new in INES? --- What's new in INES? --- What's new in INES?---

++++++ ABOLITION 2000 NEWS ++++++

=== > 1,000 A2000-organizations by year's end

Dear Abolitionists,

For quite a while we have had some 700 organizations participating in our Global Network. If each of us would encourage 2 (two) other groups to join it would triple our size quite soon. Why don't we set a goal for ourselves of having at least 1,000 citizen action groups signed on to the Abolition 2000 by the end of this year?!

David Krieger

!NOTE! It is now possible for organizations to sign on and endorse the

Abolition 2000 Statement electronically by going to: http://www.wagingpeace.org/orgapledge.html

=== > Abolition 2000 Web pages

--- http://www.wagingpeace.org/abolition2000.html

--- http://www.hookele.com/abolition2000/

(reports, Conference 1997, discussion group, links to like-minded organisations)

--- http://www.web.apc.org/~pgs/pages/a2000.html

(concerning the World Court Project and the 1996 ICJ advisory opinion; many other related documents, some of them in Chinese and French; many links to endorsing and supporting organisations in other countries; Abolition 2000 Library and References)

--- http://www.abolition2000.org; (e-mail:

(Nuclear Fact Sheet: Past-Present-Future; News: 1996 Review - 1997 Preview; Activities Page for Sept and Oct 1997)

=== > Human Rights of the irradiated people

Dear abolitionists,

I am embarking on a research on the human rights issues of the irradiated people at the Human Rights Program, Harvard Law School. It concerns the irradiated people, of all kinds; the survivors of the atomic bombing, the victims of nuclear accidents, etc. They often have difficulties with regard to medical treatment, reparation, disregard, discrimination, and fear of unknown diseases. I would be grateful for any relevant information concerning the issue (the language can be English, German, French, and of course Japanese). I will be at Harvard University until March 15, 1998. My address is as follows:

Human Rights Program, Harvard Law School, 1563 Massachusetts Avenue, Pound 401, Cambridge, MA 02138, U.S.A; , email: and/or

Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

Mitsuo Okamoto (Professor of Peace Studies, Hiroshima Shudo University)


=== > Proposal for the UN to declare the Year 2000 as International Year for Abolition of Nuclear Weapons Recently, the International Peace Bureau - of which INES is a member organisation - disseminated the proposal which we reprint here:


Disarmament and the abolition of nuclear weapons have been on the UN agenda ever since the first session of the UN General Assembly in 1946. The very first resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1946 set the target of elimination of nuclear weapons.


Despite the recent resolutions the General Assembly adopted calling for the conclusion of a nuclear weapons convention and upholding the Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice no progress has been made for with the initiation of multilateral negotiations for the abolition of nuclear weapons. Simultaneously the disarmament priorities of the nuclear powers and industrialized countries have started to be more actively advocated by the UN secretariat and the Secretary General. The very welcome proposal to restore disarmament to a separate department regrettably includes a workplan which actively advocates the elimination of some weapons, but not of nuclear weapons which are seen as a problem of non-proliferation.


If we could get the UN General Assembly to declare the year 2000 as the International Year for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons it would be a tremendous advantage in moving the UN in the right direction, increasing the pressure on the nuclear powers and isolating them, establishing a basis for partnership between the UN and Abolition 2000 and helping to raise the issue to the top of the political agenda in many countries.

It would help to inject a sense of urgency for the nuclear issue into the UN machinery and give legitimacy to the nuclear disarmament campaigning.

Even though a number of countries can be expected to vote against it will not make the year less important. The international community will have to use the tools at its disposal to delegitimize those who are in violation of international law and the imperatives of humanity and who cling to weapons of mass destruction

The programme for the year should be the implementation of UN resolutions and efforts to conclude a nuclear weapons convention.

 I can see two major problems with this effort:

--- First it will be resisted by the nuclear powers and their friends. But this is nothing new and should not stop us. In 1982 the General Assembly declared 1983 as the International Year of Mobilization for Sanctions Against Apartheid despite the negative votes of a core group of western states lead by the US and UK.

--- Second there already exist two proposals approved by the ECOSOC for declaring 2000 as the Year for the Culture of Peace and as the Year of Thanksgiving. That a year has several designations has happened before, but three designations are more than usual.

The proposal would have to be made by a group of countries in a draft resolution to be introduced in the 1st committee of the General Assembly. It seems that ECOSOC is the right place to start when it comes to international years, however that would not apply for a year for the elimination of nuclear weapons, as it is a political issue. Whether it could succeed or not depends on whether we can get a number of countries to sponsor a resolution and if a political will could be mobilized to support it from non-aligned countries.

As the efforts to convene the fourth special session of the General Assembly on disarmament have not been successful and the resistance to all meaningful negotiations from the nuclear powers has hardened, the declaration of 2000 as International Year for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons may be a way of demonstrating that the nuclear powers can not exercise a veto on the political agenda of the UN.

If we cannot succeed with the year 2000, alternatives could be 1999 or 2001.

Jan Lonn

=== > Protests against subcritical nuclear weapons test

The US-based Shundahai Network has the following request:

In our preparations for the upcoming subcritical nuclear weapons test, "Holog" (which we understand could happen as soon as Sept 18th) we would like to have a sense of what other groups are doing around the world to protest these planned tests. I am sorry we haven't been on top of this more, but it is sometimes tough to work outside jobs and still try to do effective organizing and research. Computer malfunctions don't help any. If there are any "phone in days" "demonstrations or vigils please let us know"

In Las Vegas we will have a series of events. Nevada Desert Experience will hold a vigil at the DOE [US Department of Energy; ed.] of headquarters the night before the test. A demo will be held at the Federal Building, and of course some kind of event will be held at the test site. We will announce the dates for these events as soon as we can. We would like to have local folks participate in a National Call in Day if any are scheduled. Besides Clinton who are the other government officials that we should contact?

Thanks for any info you can send our way.

Peace, Reinard

!CONTACT! Shundahai Network, POB 51137, Washington DC 20091-1137, USA; Tel.:



--- What's new in INES? --- What's new in INES? --- What's new in INES?---


 NOTE: Events listed here are being published only once due to limited space. Changes, however, will be taken into account - they will be marked with "!CHANGE [reference to the issue of "What's New In INES?" in which they were mentioned first]!"

 === > Consequences of NATO extension and nuclear disarmament

European seminar of the IPPNW

Paris (Hotel IBIS, Montrouge), 10-11 Oct 1997

The following speeches will be given:

On 10 October:

--- Russia and the extension of NATO (Prof. S. Kolesnikov, Russia)

--- Nuclear in recession: a doctrinal new issue for France (J.-P. Herbert, France)

--- The new policy of nuclear disarmament of the British Government (E. McElderry, UK)

--- Free Zones in Europe (G. Westberg, Sweden)

--- Underlying reasons for NATO expansion (P. Wilk, USA)

--- Germany and NATO expansion (N.N., Germany)

--- Kazakhstan: nuclear disarmament of the fourth nuclear power (Ph. Garabiol, France)

Also, there will be a meeting with French MPs on 11 October:

--- The PESK research programme on low-dose radioactivity under the auspices of the French section of IPPNW (Prof. Chenal, France)

--- Article IV of the NPT. Medical and legal consequences (Prof. Fernex, Switzerland)

--- Radioactive waste (N.N., Sweden)

--- Critical study of epidemiological methods in areas exposed to low doses of radioactivity (Prof. Deschamps, France)

--- Radiological doses of heavy isotopes retained for years in the tissues (Prof. Firket, Belgium)

--- Recent data on biological dosimetry concerning the population (M.Dr. Parmentier, France)

--- Children and War (Dr. Tomkiewicz, France)

--- International student campaign against landmines (N.N., Norway) !INFO! AMFPGN (French IPPNW section), 5 rue las Cases, F-75007 France; Te

===> !CHANGE! [no.6] A World Without NATO

Alba Koer Scientific Conference

Budapest,, Hungary, 31 Oct - 2 Nov 1997

--- Aims:

. to set up an analytical framework of arguments opposing NATO and NATO expansion and

. propose an alternative, a security policy based on the scientific analysis of history and present facts

. produce a scientific document which activists can use in argumentation.

--- Lectoral sections planned:

I. Ecology - II. Social psychology - III. History - IV. Economy - V. Politics - VI. Military, geo-politics, security politics - VII. Alternative pacifism

--- Participation fee: 60 US dollars for those who can afford it. Travel reimbursement: available for those, who can't invest in travelling, based on negotiation with the organisers. Please plan your travel by the most cost effective means. As the Alba Koer budget is limited self-financing is most welcome.


--- What's new in INES? --- What's new in INES? --- what's new in INES?---




Here you will find the list of homepages and email addresses of INES member organisations.

Please always check whether all details are correct.

Send an email to concerning changes and amendments.



Addresses listed for the first time here are marked with !NEW!

Addresses which have changed are marked with !CHANGE!


INES homepage: http://www.mindspring.com/~us016262/ines.html

!CHANGE! American Engineers for Social Responsibility (USA):


Cooperation for Peace, Baltic International Center of Human Education (Latvia): http://garcia.bc.lu.lv/bc

!NEW! Council for Responsible Genetics (USA): http://essential.org/crg/

IANUS (Germany): http://www.th-darmstadt.de/ze/ianus/welcome.html

INESAP (Germany): http://www.th-darmstadt.de/ze/ianus/inesap/inesap.html

INES-DEV (France): http://www-com.grenet.fr/inesdev

National Trade Union of Scientific Researchers SNCS (France): http://www.cnrs-bellevue.fr/~sncs

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (USA): http://www.napf.org

Research Institute for Peace Policy (Germany): http://www.schmillen.de/AS/FF.HTM

!NEW! Schleswig-Holstein Institute for Peace Research (Germany): http://www.uni-kiel.de:8080/schiff/

!NEW! {Kiel Peace Research Series: http://bicc.uni-bonn.de/coop/ship/ksfliste.html}

Scientists for Global Responsibility (UK): http://www.gn.apc.org/sgr/

Science for Peace (Canada): http://www.math.yorku.ca/sfp

Scientists' Initiative "Responsibility for Peace" (Germany): http://fuj.physik.uni-dortmund.de/NaWi/

Swedish Engineers and Scientists against Nuclear Arms (Sweden): http://www.algonet.se/~fimk/maine.htm

Technology Professionals for Life (Finland): http://katto.kaapeli.fi/~tep

Third World Forum (Senegal): http://www.refer.sn/sngal_ct/cop/ftm/ftm.htm

The 21st Century Project (USA): http://www.utexas.edu/depts/lbj-school/21cp/

Union of Democratic Scientists BdWi (Germany): http://staff-www.uni-marburg.de/~rillingr/bdweb.html

USPID - Union of Scientists for Disarmament (Italy): http://www.dsi.unimi.it/~uspid



 +++ INES Executive Committee Members (in alphabetical order):

(as elected on 27 July 1997)

--- Prof. Davidson, Ogunlade:

--- Dr. Ezz, Esmat:

--- Dr. Krieger, David:

--- Prof. Masperi, Luis:

--- Prof. Matousek, Jiri:

--- Dr. Ollivier, Marc: or

--- Otto, Ulrike:

--- Dr. Peet, John:

--- Prof. Petrosjan, Valery S.:

!CHANGE! --- Prof. Ryden, Lars:

--- Prof. Spitzer, Hartwig:


--- Prof. Amin, Samir:

--- Prof. El-Mously, Hamed:

--- Dr. Peet, Katherine:


+++ "INES Newsletter":

--- Editor: Prof. Armin Tenner:


+++ Organisational Members (countrywise):


--- Bariloche Group of Scientists:


--- Asia Pacific Peace Research Association (APPRA):


--- Science for Peace:


--- Movimiento Cubano por la Paz y la Soberania de los Pueblos (Cuban Movement for Peace and Sovereignty of the Peoples):

 Czech Republic:

--- Institute of Environmental Chemistry and Technology:

 El Salvador:

--- Centro Salvadoreno de Tecnologia Apropiada CESTA (Salvadorian Centre for Applied Technology):


--- Technology Professionals for Life:


--- Syndicat National des Chercheurs Scientifique SNCS (National Trade Union of Scientific Researchers):

--- Syndicat National des Travailleurs de la Recherche Scientifique, SNTRS-CGT (National Trade Union of Workers in Scientific Research):


--- Berghof-Stiftung fuer Friedens- und, Konfliktforschung (Berghof Foundation for Peace and Conflict Research):

--- Bund demokratischer Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler BdWi (Union of Democratic Scientists):

--- Interdisziplinaere Arbeitsgruppe Naturwissenschaft, Technik und, Sicherheitspolitik IANUS

(Interdisciplinary Working Group on Natural Science, Technology and Security Politics):

--- International Network of Engineers and Scientists Against Proliferation (INESAP):

--- Naturwissenschaftler-Initiative "Verantwortung fuer den Frieden" (Scientists' Initiative "Responsibility for Peace"):


--- Schleswig-Holsteinisches Institut fuer Friedenswissenschaften SCHIFF (Schleswig Holstein Institute for Peace Sciences SHIP):


--- Unione Scienzati Per Il Disarmo USPID (Union of Scientists for Disarmament): (Prof. Paolo Cotta-Ramusino)


--- Study Group for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament:


--- Cooperation for Peace, Baltic International Center of Human Education Latvia:


--- Malta Council for Science and Technology:


!CHANGE! --- Sociedad mexicana de Fisica (Mexican Physics Society):


--- Pugwash Nederland:


--- Sustainable Development Network (SDN): Zia Mian:

 Russian Federation:

--- Centre for Arms Control, Energy and Environmental Studies at the Moscow, Institute of Physics and Technology:

--- Green Cross Russia:

--- Socio-Ecological Union (SEU):


--- Third World Forum:


--- Swedish Engineers and Scientists against Nuclear Arms:


--- Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR):


!NEW!--- American Engineers for Social Responsibility (AESR):

--- Buddhist Perception of Nature: (Eric Hol)

!NEW!--- Council for Responsible Genetics (CRG):

--- Institute for Energy and Environmental Research:

--- Nuclear Age Peace Foundation: ; or:

--- Scientists and Engineers for Responsible Technology (SERT):

--- The 21st Century Project:


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