WHAT'S NEW IN INES? No. 3/June-July 1997

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Dear members and friends of INES, My apologies that I was unable to launch WHAT'S NEW IN INES No. 3 not in time: I was struggling with some major technical problems related to my modem - but finally, I won. As a result, you can reach me now directly through the following e-mail address: Tobias Damjanov, editor (my full address reads: Tobias Damjanov Kreutzkamp 33, D-21465 Reinbek/Germany;

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+++ 25-28 July 1997 VENUE: Jurmala/Latvia (Jurmala is some 10km away from the Latvian capital Riga) Canpasus Resthouse, 19, Melluzu Prospect phone:

AGENDA in brief: 1) Picking up the momentum of the 1996 Amsterdam Congress: + What do we do with the results of the Congress one year later? + How can we approach new questions, like the social dimensions of sustainability? + What are our strategic goals in the next years? 2) Taking a fresh look at the INES projects: + several new projects and workshops are emerging 3) We have to elect a new Executive Committee 4) Excursion: + We will spend one full day on seeing, leaning and discussing about approaches towards more sustainability in Latvia Tentative

TIMETABLE: 25 July, 16.00-18.00 hrs: INES Executive Committee Meeting 25 July, 19.30 hrs - 27 July, 12.30 hrs: INES Council Meeting 27 July, 13.30-15.00 hrs: INES Executive Committee Meeting 27 July, 16.00 hrs - 28 July, afternoon: Excursion and discussions on regional approaches towards more sustainability 29 July: ad-hoc Preparation Committee of the CONGRESS 2000, (venue: Stockholm) (please note that in earlier announcements of this date, there was a misprint: it is 29 (!) July!)

COSTS: It is expected that each Council member covers the travel and lodging costs from his/her local resources. Limited financial support toa few members in a very difficult financial situation might be available. Please inquire with the INES Office, att: R.Braun. If you come from far away, please try to combine your trip with other business engagements which might be paid for. In the spirit of sustainability we will ask you for a CO2- COMPENSATING CONTRIBUTION of DM10-30 for a tree-planting project in Nepal.

TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS: + Visa for participants from western countries are issued at the Latvian boarder/at the airport at up to US$25. + Visa for participants from eastern European countries, Russia, Africa and Asia: please approach the embassy to Latvia at your home country. If you need assistance in finding out the proper address, contact: Dr. Igor Tipans, Dept. Of Theoretical Mechanics, Riga Technical University, 1A Kalku St, LV-1050 Riga phone:+ In case you need a Letter of Invitation, please contact Reiner Braun at the INES Office + Arrival in Latvia: Please be so kind to indicate - at which time exactly you'll arrive at either the airport or the railway station - how long you are going to stay - how many persons are going to accompany you Also, please inform immediately about any changes of your itinary


Below you find a registration form to copy and email back to Reiner Braun at: . --------------------------------

( ) Yes, I will participate in the Council Meeting ( ) I do not participate NAME: INSTITUTION: ADDRESS: PHONE / FAX / EMAIL: ( ) I'd like too book accommodation for the following nights: additional nights: ( ) I will be accompanied by ( ) Venue and time of arrival ( ) Venue and time of departure ( ) I am going to participate in the Stockholm Meeting on 29 July 97 Sepcial remarks: --------------------------------

PLEASE RETURN THIS FORM IMMEDIATELY TO THE INES OFFICE: INES, Gutenbergstr. 31, D-44139 Dortmund, Germany  e-mail:

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+++ VISIONS FOR A NON-NUCLEAR EUROPEAN SECURTY +++ This was the title of a major European NGO Conference held at Schlaining/Austria, on 13-15 July 97. Well over 120 NGO representatives from 15 European countries, including Poland, Hungary, Russia, Slovakia and Romania, participated in what was the first all-European NGO gathering on nuclear weapon issues since the dissolution of the Warsaw Treaty Organisation. Initiated by INES in September last year, it was co-organized by IALANA, IPPNW, IPB, Peace Centre Schlaining, PENN, Mouvement de la Paix and WILPF. After two rounds of five workshop sessions dealing with all aspects concerning existing nuclear weaponry in Europe and European nuclear strategies by NATO and WEU, as well as presenting proposals and suggestions of how to abolish nuclear weapons, the Conference was successful in adopting two extraordinary decisions: 1) A EUROPEAN BRANCH of the ABOLITION 2000 NETWORK was set up; and 2) the SCHLAINING MANIFESTO was agreed upon: this document outlines in-depth the European NGOs position on NATO Expansion and Nuclear Weapons in Europe; also, it presents Steps to a Non-nuclear European Security which include a Political Programme of Action. The Schlaining Manifesto - and more specifically: its Political Programme - can be considered the platform of the new European Abolition 2000 Network. The document stresses the goals of European NGOs a brief summary of which reads as follows: --- All US nuclear weapons should be withdrawn from the territory from non-nuclear weapon states --- Nuclear weapons should immediately be taken off alert --- Central and Eastern European states currently free of nuclear weapons should be declared a nuclear weapon-free zone --- Negotiations for a Nuclear Weapons Convention should be startet --- All nuclear weapon-usable materials, including tritium, should be unilaterally phased out or prohibited --- Levels of conventional armament should be reduced --- The OSCE should be considerably strengthened by concrete steps (further outlined in the document) --- An early-warning system for conflict prevention should be set up --- The Forum for Security Cooperation should elaborate a Comprehensive Disarmament Treaty on new Military Forces in Europe in support of establishing nuclear weapon-free zones in the OSCE regions In addition, a comprehensive package of action proposals for the new Network was tabled dwelling mainly on the establishment of nuclear weapon-free zones in Europe --- Abolition 2000 Local Authorities Resolutions --- grassroot support for a Nuclear Weapons Convention --- lobbying the European Parliament as well as the OSCE and its bodies --- getting further involved in the preparatory process towards the next NPT Review Conference Note: The Schlaining Manifesto is available by e-mail from: ; or: (from the latter, you can also get a German version) The compilation of action proposals is available from: FOLLOW-UP: Meanwhile, an International Conference on Nuclear Disarmament has been tentatively scheduled either for 28-30 November or 5-7 December this year. It is organised by the Geneva-based NGO Committee for Disarmament and the Swedish Peace Council and would be held at Stockholm, Sweden. Main topics include: --- Development in East-West relations: NATO expansion, START, unilateral measures --- Progress towards a Nuclear Weapons Convention --- Negotiations in the Conference on Disarmament and other forums --- Preparation for the 2nd PrepComm of the NPT Review Conference (Geneva, April-May 1998) --- Nuclear weapon-free zones and the role of neutral and non-aligned states --- Citizens actions for disarmament --- Abolition 2000 Details are available by e-mail from: NGO Committee for Disarmament: Swedish Peace Council:

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+++ 1st PREPCOM MEETING FOR THE NEXT NTP REVIEW CONFERENCE +++ In April this year, Dr. Martin Kalinowski and Dr. Juergen Scheffran from IANUS/INESAP participated in the first Prepcom Meeting for the next NPT Review Conference, which was held in New York. Please contact them for details or a briefing through the following emails: --- --- ---

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+++ INES PROJECT ON SOCIAL DIMENSIONS OF SUSTAINABILITY +++ Initiated by INES Chair Prof. Hartwig Spitzer, a small project group at the INES International Office had been established in the follow-up of last year's Amsterdam Congress. As a first substantial step, the edition of a book is now being planned to be published in English later this year. Under the title (draft) Sustainable Societies - The Social Dimension. European Perspectives in a Global Context it is intended to collect scientific articles evaluating the multifarious aspects of the main subject, as well as reporting on plans for and results of corresponding research The following six main chapters should be covered: 1. What makes a society sustainable? 2. Perspectives for Societal Sub-Systems 3. The Art of Community Building for a Sustainable Society 4. Key qualifications 5. Where should we invest - Options for a sustainable future 6. European answers in a global context Ask for a detailed outline of these chapters: (T. Damjanov, project coordinator)

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+++ CONFERENCE ON RUSSIA's SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT +++ Under the title Regional Problems of the Strategy of Russia's Sustainable Development, an international conference will be held in Moscow, 9-12 December 1997. Initiated by the UNESCO Commission of the Russian Federation and the Russian International Centre for Educational Systems (MZOS), INES is involved in the planning and the preparatory process for this event which aims to approach administration representatives from the Russian Federation and ist regions, environmental organisations, scientists, technologists and NGO representatives. Although an international Programme Committee of some 15-20 leading experts has yet to be established, it can already be reported that the Conference will deal with results of scientific research related to the Brundtland Report, to the Agenda 21 adopted by the 1992 UNCED, as well as with documents and decision-makings by the President and certain ministries of the Russian Federation. The document called The State Strategy for a Sustainable Development of the Russian Federation (Moscow 1996) will certainly play a major role in the debates which will very much focus on the regional impact (as the title already indicates) as to how take into account the socio-economic development, the implementation of measures to protect the environment, the ecologic aspects of agricultural development and social protection of rural population (to mention only a few examples). Additionally envisaged are, among other things, the elaboration of criteria for sustainable development, ecological monitoring and aspects of qualification of regional management in charge of regional planning and ecological monitoring For further details and updates of the Conference, please contact: Prof. Dr. S. S. Gavryushin, Head of the Preparatory Working Group, and Scientific Secretary of MZOS c/o International Centre for Educational Systems (MZOS) 101000 Moscow, Lubjanski prospect d. 4, podjesd 4. Phone: (7-095) 923 3905, Fax: (7-095) 924 6852 (no email indicated) For email delivery contact

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+++ INES WEB- AND EMAIL SERVICE +++ Here, you find a compilation of homepages and email addresses of INES member organisations. Please check whether all details are correct. Send an email to concerning changes and amendmends. The idea is to have updates in further issues of WHAT'S NEW IN INES?

HOMEPAGES: INES homepage: http://www.mindspring.com/~us016262/ines-html American Engineers for Social Responsibility (USA): http://cac.psu.edu/~duf/social/aesr.html IANUS (Germany): http://www.th-darmstadt.de/ze/ianus/welcome.html INESAP (Germany): http://www.th-darmstadt.de/ze/ianus/inesap/inesap.html INES-DEV (France): http://www-com.grenet.fr/inesdev Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (USA): http://www.napf.org Scientists for Global Responsibility (UK): http://www.gn.apc.org/sgr/ Science for Peace (Canada): http://www.math.yorku.ca/sfp Scientists' Initiative "Responsibility for Peace" (Germany): http://fuj.physik.uni-dortmund.de/NaWi/ Swedish Engineers and Scientists against Nuclear Arms (Sweden): http://www.frt.fy.chalmers.se/fimk/fimkeng.html Technology Professionals for Life (Finland): http://katto.kaapeli.fi/~tep The 21st Century Project (USA): http://www.utexas.edu/depts/lbj-school/21cp/ USPID - Union of Scientists for Disarmament (Italy): http://www.dsi.unimi.it/~uspid

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