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No. 14/1997 ---------------------------------------------------------Dateline: 7 Dec 1997

Editor: Tobias Damjanov, Kreutzkamp 33, D-21465 Reinbek, Germany
, email:
INES homepage: http://www.mindspring.com/~us016262/ines.html

Sorry for the two-days delay but I had some software problems, so I could not send out any emails!
Tobias Damjanov


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++++++ INES MEMBERSHIP UPDATE ++++++ === > Please do not forget to inform us about changes of your email address or your homepage!

=== > Member Organisations + Project Groups News

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<> INESAP Bulletin No. 14/Nov 1997:
The latest issue (68 pages) contains articles regarding the following topics:
--- Breaking the Disarmament Deadlock
--- Verifying Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation
--- Nuclear Weapons Development
--- a number of conference reports
plus a supplement on the International MOX Assessment
!CONTACT! Dr Juergen Scheffran, Coordinating Editor

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<> New Project Group INESNASS
Under the preliminary naming INES Project Group on NATO, Alternative Security
and Sustainability (INESNASS), the process of establishing a project recommended at the last INES International Council is going ahead:
--- the Statement of Concern has now been finalized (available upon request)
--- a Working Plan will be drafted in early January 1998
The convenor of the group is:
Tobias Damjanov
Kreutzkamp 33, D-21465 Reinbek, Germany


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<> INES-Project "Spiritual Dimensions of Sustainability"
The INES project "Spiritual Dimensions of Sustainabiliy" started its work after the INES Congress in Amsterdam 1996. * A detailed report about the international "Assisi Conference 1997 on Spirituality and Sustainability" (cf. WNII No. 8) will be published in INES Newsletter. It is available now on request. * Proposals for next steps of the INES project: The next international INES congress will be held in Stockholm in the year 2000. Our INES project plans to arrange a part of it, a workshop etc. Till then most of our work will take place on a regional scale or by mail and email. There is contact and cooperation with the INES "Committee on Ethical Questions", "Ethics Protection Initiative" and "Buddhist Perception of Nature". In Germany we have started with a meeting about the theoretical foundation of scientific truth. "Do we need a Second Enlightenment?" was the theme of a meeting of experts at the Evangelic Academy in Bad Segeberg (North Germany) on invitation of H.-J. Fischbeck and F. B. Meyberg. Starting from a view of the historical period of Enlightenment, the role of natural sciences and philosophy searching for the truth was discussed, leading to future perspectives for "sustainable sciences".
The results of this meeting in the context of our INES project will influence some further meetings in 1998:

All interested persons are cordially invited to participate at these two meetings (in German language) or - to participate at the next Assisi Conference (in Englisch language) or to organize meetings in the field of Spirituality and Sustainability in their own language and their own region!

For regular information about our INES project "Spiritual Dimensions of Sustainability" please contact:
Dr. Frank B. Meyberg, Eberhardstr. 9, D-22041 Hamburg (Germany),
phone ,

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<> Scientists for Global Responsibility UK
Concerning the Kyoto Climate Summit, SGR has published a number of useful press releases.
Among others, there are
--- an SGR Position Statement on Climate Change;
--- an SGR Call to Industry; and
--- a number of reports, speeches etc. concerning the Climate Train
(see also: http://www.gn.apc.org/sgr/kyoto/journey.html)
!INFO! Dani Kaye, SGR Press Officer
see also: http://www.cop3.or.jp/

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<> Scientists Initiative Responsibility for Peace, Germany
At its last General Assembly on 30 Nov, this German INES member has been renamed to:
Scientists Initiative Responsibility for Peace and Sustainability
[abbreviated English translation]
(NaturwissenschaftlerInnen-Initiative Verantwortung fuer Friedens- und Zukunftsfaehigkeit)

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<> Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, USA
NAPF's electronic monthly 'Sunflower" contains in its issue No. 7 the following main articles:

--- Nations Ban Landmines
--- Growing Abolition 2000 membership
--- More than 150 countries negotiate Climate Treaty
--- Russia modernizes its Strategic Forces


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++++++ NUCLEAR WEAPONS ++++++ !NOTE! The Abolition 2000 Network has now 877 members worldwide!

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=== > Religious Working Group of the Abolition 2000 Network
During the past year a Religious Working Group for Nuclear Abolition has started functioning.
Co-conveners include David Gracie of American Friends Service Committee, Clayton Ramey of Fellowship of Reconciliation, and myself, Howard Hallman of Methodists United for Peace with Justice (all USA).
To facilitate communication, the Religious Working Group has set up a list- server open to religious organizations and persons approaching nuclear abolition from a religious perspective. Such organizations and persons may subscribe by sending a message to with these words in the body of the text:
subscribe abolition-religious.
Howard W. Hallman, Chair
Methodists United for Peace with Justice, Washington, DC, USA

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=== > Nuclear weapons resolution and the UN
The US-based Shundahai Network has put up a Web page concerning the UN vote on nuclear abolition resolution: http://www.shundahai.org/UNVotewc.html

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=== > X-USSR antinuclear campaign' newsletter Issue No. 9/Oct-Nov 1997 contains:

--- more about A. Nikitin
--- Dangers of Nuclear Fuel Storage
--- protest reports
--- MOX Fuel Plant started working

!INFO! Vladimir Slivyak

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++++++ INES WEB- AND EMAIL SERVICE ++++++ !NOTE! A full list of all INES e-mail addresses and homepages is available upon request.

!CHANGE! Schleswig-Holsteinisches Institut für Friedenswissenschaften SCHIFF
(Schleswig Holstein Institute for Peace Sciences SHIP)Germany:
Web page: http://www.schiff.uni-kiel.de

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