No. 7/1999


Dateline: 14 February 1999

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"Linkages Journal" February 1999 edition
http://www.iisd.ca/linkages/journal/ ^

The latest edition of "Linkages Journal", quarterly publication of the "International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)" on global environment and development issues, was published on 1 February. This edition focuses on the year ahead and features articles on a number of key processes:

  • "Population, Consumption and Atmospheric Equity" (Robert Engelman of Population Action International)
  • Persistent Organic Pollutants: Hand-me-down Poisons that Threaten Wildlife and People (by the World Wildlife Fund Global Toxic Initiative)
  • Biosafety: An Industry Perspective as the Deadline Approaches (Val Giddings, Ph.D., Vice President for Food & Agriculture, Biotechnology Industry Organization)
  • Are there too many people on the planet?: An overview of Cairo + 5 (Susan Davis)
  • Ramsar's COP-7: Accelerating the Application of the Wise Use Principle (Delmar Blasco, Secretary General, the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar, Iran, 1971))
  • TOPIC - Trade and Environment. Fidel, Saddam and the World Trade Organization (Stephen L. Kass and Jean M. McCarroll Carter, Ledyard & Milburn)

The edition also includes brief reports on recent meetings, an extensive list of upcoming meetings, reviews of recent publications and a printable meeting calendar for February - April 1999.


The Millennium Report http://www.2000cdn.com ^

2000CDN.COM is pleased to introduce the print version of The Millennium Report - the most comprehensive, in-depth and up-to-date guide to the Millennium available anywhere in the world!

The Millennium Report (First Edition) is the essential information source, resource guide and networking tool for communities, organizations and companies who are planning Millennium initiatives or who wish to do so!

The Millennium Report contains:

A "Quarterly Subscription Service" to update The Millennium Report will be available, in both print and electronic formats, beginning in March 1999.


"Disarmament Diplomacy"

This is to inform you that the latest "Disarmament Diplomacy", # 33, is now on the website of the Acronym Institute (see above). It contains opinion pieces on:

In addition to a roundup of the main events from the start of the Conference on Disarmament session in 1999, there is also an opinion piece on rescuing the NPT review process (by Rebecca Johnson). News review and documents and sources cover December 98 and January 99.

New disarmament readings (Source: Patricia Lewis, UNIDIR Director)


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Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space

Annual women's seminar to celebrate International Women's Day, 1999

Main topics:

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