No. 6/2002

Dateline: February 24, 2002

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CONTENTS of WNII No. 6/2002

From the editor re: strange email messages

I'd like to draw your attention to the following:

Since one year, I am receiving strange email messages at least once a week (lately, even several times a week): They are headed by subject lines such as "Business Proposal", "Request", "Urgent And Confidential", etc. offering always a money transfer deal of tens of millions of US Dollars. Mostly, senders of these messages claim they would be from certain African countries – mainly Nigeria – and in a couple of cases, these sender also claim they would relatives of certain high-ranking people or allegedly linked to governmental positions, including even ministries. They use to use different email addresses - often through yahoo.com - but mostly demanding you should answer by fax.

Of course, all of this is only the attempt to get you into a "business" which, according to my sources, is at least semi-criminal. As experiences and news reports from Germany tell, you are only loosing money, if you jump on this trap.

I am writing to you for two reasons: 1) I am aware that I am not the only INES member who is getting these messages: even INES Headquarters receives them. 2) The bad thing about it is that some people seem to believe that I am linked with this "business" – which I am absolutely not -, because obviously, my email address is misused. Since my email address does not regularly appear on any other website, I guess it had been taken from an INES website where WNII is published.

If I may mention any advise as to how to handle these messages: you can either simply ignore them or report them to your local or national police authorities (which is what my lawyer advised me to do). I am aware, however, that it might be difficult to get hold of those people, let alone to sue them, since they belong to a huge and well-hidden network, and the law is not very clear about these cases, at least in my country.

By the way, there is also a "funny" point about these messages sent to me: many of those would, among other things, refer to my "excellent business records" or similar – obviously absolutely unaware of the fact that I am unemployed and do not have any "financial background" whatsoever … pretty poor research.

The Editor


 David Krieger: On Becoming Human (this was already distributed through INESnet)

To be human is to recognize the cultural perspectives that bind us to tribe, sect, religion, or nation, and to rise above them. It is to feel the pain of the dispossessed, the downtrodden, the refugee, the starving child, the slave, the victim.

To be human is to break the ties of cultural conformity and group-think, and to use one's own mind. It is to recognize good and evil, and to choose good. It is to consider with the heart. It is to act with conscience.

To be human is to be courageous. It is to choose the path of compassion. It is to sacrifice for what is just. It is to break the silence. It is to be an unrelenting advocate of human decency and human dignity.

To be human is to breathe with the rhythm of life, and to recognize our kinship with all forms of life. It is to appreciate every drop of water. It is to feel the warmth of the sun, and to marvel at the beauty and expanse of the night sky. It is to stand in awe of who we are and where we live. It is to see the Earth with the eyes of an astronaut.

To be human is to be aware of our dependence upon the whole of the universe, and of the miracle that we are. It is to open our eyes to the simple and extraordinary beauty that is all about us. It is to live with deep respect for the sacred gift of life. It is to love.

To be human is to seek to find ourselves behind our names. It is to explore the depths and boundaries of our existence. It is to learn from those that have preceded us, and act with due concern for those who will follow us.

To be human is to plant the seeds of peace, and nurture them. It is to find peace and make peace. It is to help mend the web of life. It is to be a healer of the planet.

To be human is to say an unconditional No to warfare, and particularly to all weapons of mass destruction. It is to take a firm stand against all who profit from warfare and its preparation.

To be human is not always to succeed, but it is always to learn. It is to move forward despite the obstacles.

We are all born with the potential to become human. How we choose to live will be the measure of our humanness. Civilization does not assure our civility. Nor does being born into the human species assure our humanity. We must find our own path to becoming human.

Book announcements for the INESAP Bulletin?

INESAP Coordinator Regina Hagen writes:

Dear all,

we are rapidly approaching the date when the next INESAP Information Bulletin (#19) will be finalized. If you have any book announcements or other short information you'd want us to include in this issue, please send it to me at once.

In peace Regina < >


Abolition 2000 homepage: http://www.abolition2000.org  Grassroots News: http://www.napf.org/abolition2000/news/ 

Petition for a Missile Freeze online

In addition to the URL mentioned in the last WNII issue, Carah Ong (Nuclear Age Peace Foundation) has set up an electronic version of the Missile Freeze Petition at:  http://www.PetitionOnline.com/MBMD/petition.html 

NOTE that a pdf and printer-friendly format of the petition to download and circulate is available at the website of Moving Beyond Missile Defense at:  http://www.mbmd.org 

US-UK subcritical nuclear test "Vito" (posted by Charlie Hilfenhaus < >)

On 14 February, government scientists conducted a subcritical nuclear weapons experiment at the Nevada Test Site (USA). The experiment, named "Vito", was conducted by scientists from the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.

The United Kingdom participated in the experiment under terms of a 1958 agreement according to the National Nuclear Security Administration's Nevada Operations Office in North Las Vegas. The administration is a branch of the Energy Department.

The experiments in a below-ground complex, 85 miles northwest of Las Vegas, allow scientists to study how materials, such as plutonium, blow apart when detonated.

The last U.S. subcritical experiment, Oboe 7, was on December 13, 2001 at the Nevada Test Site by scientists from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California. The last subcritical experiment by Los Alamos scientists was Thoroughbred, on March 22, 2000. The test will be the nation's 16th since the program was started July 2, 1997.

Accreditation for NPT PrepCom

INESAP Coordinator Regina Hagen writes:

Dear all,

I will on behalf of INESAP do the necessary paperwork to get people accredited for the NPT PrepCom in New York in April this year on behalf of INESAP. If you want to be included in the accreditation, please send me e-mail.

In peace Regina < >

NPT PrepCom 2002: WILPF NPT Alert-4

The fourth edition of WILPF's Monthly Updates covers the following:

1. Call to NGOs to attend the 2002 NPT PrepCom April 8-19, 2002 
2. Information about NGO Registration, deadline March 15, 2002 
3. Invitation to meeting with Ambassador Salander, February 22, 2002, New York 
4. Invitation to meeting to discuss the NPT NGO Statement, February 22, 2002, New York 
5. NPT Calendar of Events- NGOs please submit details for RCW website 
6. 2-Page NGO Position papers - deadline February 25, 2002

You can get this useful information either at: http://www.reachingcriticalwill.org   or from the WNII editor (as an rtf-formatted email attachment or as plain e-mail text message).

Appeal to the Delegates of the NPT PrepCom in April 2002

Sally Light, Executive Director, Nevada Desert Experience (USA), and Dominique Lalanne, Stop Essais/For the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons (France) have issued a "Joint Appeal from European and US Non-Governmental Organizations to the Delegates of the Conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty PrepCom (NPT), New York City, April 8-19, 2002".

Too lengthy for being published here, the English version is either available from Sally Light: < >  or from the WNII Editor as an rtf-formatted email attachment.

For the French version, please contact Dominique Lalanne: < >

Meanwhile, Xanthe Hall of IPPNW Germany has issued some remarks as to possible shortcomings of this Appeal. This brief paper plus a response by Dominique Lalanne is also available from the WNII Editor as an rtf-formatted email attachment.

NAPF Appeal to End the Nuclear Weapons Threat

This Appeal of the US-based Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, with 100 prominent signers, including 37 Nobel Laureates, was given to delegates at the 2000 Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference and run as an ad in the New York Times on the opening day of that conference. It will again be given to delegates at the 2002 Non-Proliferation Treaty PrepCom in April 2002 and sent to leaders of nuclear weapons states.

The Appeal, including the signatures, is available from the WNII Editor as an PDF-formatted email attachment. Individuals may sign the Appeal and download pages to gather signatures at: http://www.wagingpeace.org 


 PrepCom II: Chairman’s Summary of the Multi-stakeholder Dialogue Segment

The Chairman’s Summary of the Multi-stakeholder Dialogue Segment is available from the WNII Editor as an rtf-formatted email attachment.


European Network for Peace and Human Rights launched

At a Conference at Brussels at the end of January, a European Network for Peace and Human Rights has been launched. Its Final Communiqué is available from the WNII Editor as an rtf-formatted email attachment.

World Military DataBase 2002 (Source: Center for Defense Information "Weekly Defense Monitor", Vol. 6/Issue #1, 14 February 2002)

A fact-filled, easy to use guide to the U.S. military, The DataBase provides detailed information on military forces, personnel, budgets, deployments and security arrangements for the United States and around the world. "Defense Week" called the DataBase "...a plethora of military numbers, facts, figures, dollars and cents... "    http://www.cdi.org/products/almanac0102.pdf


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