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No. 4/1998 ------------------------- Dateline: 1 March 1998 
Editor: Tobias Damjanov
Am Beckerkamp 12/app.26, D-21031 Hamburg, Germany
phone/fax: (49-40) 7269 2394

INES homepage: http://www.mindspring.com/~us016262/ines.html

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<> INES Project Groups
To the convenors of all INES Project Groups Dear friends, As WNII is aiming at providing up-to-date information from inside INES to all INES members, I very much would like to include information on the activities of the INES Project Groups. Therefore, I KINDLY REQUEST THE CONVENORS OF ALL INES PROJECT GROUPS TO SEND TO ME A BRIEF SUMMARY ON THE CURRENT WORK OF YOUR PROJECT GROUP. 
Sincerely yours, Tobias Damjanov, editor, WNII 

<> INES Workshop on Sustainable Development and Democracy (Report by Hartwig Spitzer) 
On February 10 and 11, 1998 some 20 participants from 9 countries convened for a regional INES workshop on Sustainable Development and Democracy in Budapest, Hungary. The event was coorganized by the Engineers for Peace Foundation (Hungary) and the Hungarian Peace Association. It followed immediately upon a memorial meeting of the 100th birthday of the Hungarian born nuclear physicist Leo Szillard. This occasion brought an international audience to the workshop including Pugwash Council Chairman  Francesco Calogero and Pugwash Executive Secretary George Rathjens.  In the last few years, societies of East Central Europe have undergone radical and democratic changes. Simultaneously with a strong orientation towards market economy, multiparty parliamentary political systems have been introduced. Under the present pressing economic and social problems and global issues, questions of sustainable development are frequently neglected or not appropriately dealt with. This became quite apparent during the workshop. Political scientists from Hungary emphasized the need for a "sustainable economic development" in order to catch up with the most developed economies. Participants from former Yugoslavia (Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia) pointed at the lack of perspective in their countries, while being excluded from the EU extension process. It was only INES chairman Hartwig Spitzer, who pointed at the multiple dimensions of sustainable development. Still the meeting was an excellent opportunity for making informal contacts with representatives of the region and to learn - during the breaks - about future oriented work in Hungary like the Club of Budapest (E. Laszlo), the work of Friends of the Earth, Hungary, and local Agenda 21 processes. 


++++++ 1998 INES COUNCIL MEETING ++++++

Cambridge/Boston, USA, 23-28 July 1998
Programme Overview (first version)

=== > Wednesday, 22 July:
Programme Committee for the Stockholm Conference 2000

=== > Thursday 23 July - Friday, 24 July:
Workshop on New Security Concerns and Approaches:
--- New Security Concerns
--- Key Issues in Arms Control and Security Policy
--- New Directions

=== > Friday, 24 July:
--- INES Executive Committee Meeting
--- Opening of the INES COUNCIL Meeting
(Reports by the chair, the treasurer, and the executive director)

=== > Saturday, 25 July:
--- Status of INES Projects
--- Preparing the Stockholm Congress 2000
--- Group Work

=== > Sunday, 26 July:
--- Brainstorming on the future development and work of INES
--- Election of the Executive Committee
--- Next Council Meeting and other steps
--- Meeting of the newly elected Executive Committee

(Seminar and Excursion)
=== > Monday, 27 July:
Discussion on Local Agenda 21 and excursions to regional sustainability projects

=== > Tuesday, 28 July:
--- Briefing on the Sustainable USA Program
--- Visit of the office of the Union of Concerned Scientists

!INFO! For detailed information including registration etc. contact the INES Office at: <
> phone: (49-231) 575 202 or 575 205, fax: (49-231) 575 210 snail address: Gutenbergstr 31, D-44145 Dortmund, Germany


!NOTE! Events listed here are being published only once due to limited space. Changes, however, will be taken into account - they will be marked with ''!UPDATE!'' 

<><> 17-19 August 98: People for Peace
Burg Schlaining, Austria
Conference to provide input to 1999 Hague Peace Conference and to bring together people to advance the evolving global culture of peace 

Organised by: INES, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution

<><> 26-27 September 1998: Symposium on Radiation and Health
Academy of Medicine New York, USA
This symposium will examine profound new discoveries on the effects of radiation on human health.
!INFO! Jonathan Parfrey, Executive Director, Physicians for Social Responsibility USA, <
> http://www.labridge.com/psr/
For registration: The STAR Foundation, POB 4206, East Hampton, New York NY 11937, USA; Tel.: (1-516) 324 0655

<><> 15-19 November 1998: Beyond Growth: Policies and Institutions for Sustainability Santiago, Chile
!INFO! International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE) <

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!UPDATE! Regional Contacts:
Japan: Friedemann Greulich has now confirmed that he will serve as the regional contact of INES in this area:
Friedemann GREULICH Fax: (81-11) 706 2505, email:

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