No. 3/1999


Dateline: 17 January 1999

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USA: Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IEER)
http://www.ieer.org ^

In the beginning of January, IEER released a report entitled "Wind Power versus Plutonium: An Examination of Wind Energy Potential and a Comparison of Offshore Wind Energy to Plutonium Use in Japan." Although the economic findings in the report are specifically in reference to Japan, they should be generally applicable to other countries with plutonium programs because the circumstances in Japan (limited availability of land, and much of it expensive to access) are particularly unfavorable to wind power.

Parts of the report are available at the IEER homepage indicated above. For paper copies, please contact: Anita Seth < >


!!! Abolition 2000 homepage: http://www.abolition2000.org


New Non-Nuclear NATO Web Site Launched
http://www.nautilus.org/nnnnet/index.html ^

This new web site, which supports the efforts of the Non-Nuclear NATO Network to influence NATO nuclear policy, is a joint project of the Nautilus Institute, Fourth Freedom Forum, and BASIC. It contains text and/or links to news articles, op-eds, speeches, and reference material, as well as treaties, that relate to the current nuclear weapons debate.

It will be updated on an ongoing basis as new events unfold and new documents are published.

The Non-Nuclear NATO Network brings current and updated information to a group of interested individuals in order to help facilitate the best possible and most qualified contributions to the NATO nuclear policy debate.


New newsletter on global development issues

The South Africa-based Programme for Development Research (PRODDER) at the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) is beginning to publish a new weekly electronic newsletter on global development issues, called e-CIVICUS, which will be distributed free of charge every Tuesday.

Subscription: Please send a short e-mail message to

in order to be added to the distribution list.


New publication re: UN Peacekeeping

I'd like to draw your attention to the recently published book on UNPROFOR and SFOR experiences: "UN Peacekeeping in Trouble: Lessons Learned from the Former Yugoslavia - Peacekeepers Views on the Limits and Possibilities of the UN in a Civil War-like Conflict, edited by Wolfgang Biermann and Martin Vadset.

This book is based on results of the Danish-Norwegian Research Project on UN Peacekeeping (DANORP). More than 900 officers from 9 countries participated in the study, key military and civilian leaders discussed their experiences in two UN Commanders Workshops and prominent representatives of the international community in the former Yugoslavia contributed to the book. "UN in Trouble" analyzes political and operational conditions for UNPROFOR and SFOR/IFOR, and reveals tragic discrepancies between tough words and resolutions on the one hand, and often inappropriate, counter-effective actions of international actors, agencies and governments on the other.

The three main parts of this publication are:

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Ashgate Publishing Group August 1998, ISBN 1 84014 176 X, 406 pages, hardcover 49,50 Pounds Sterling; paperback 19,50 Pounds Sterling (from January 1999). The hardcover can be ordered with 20 % discount ( 39,60) by referring to "reference number AV214" per e-mail: or by fax: (44-1235) 400 454.



UN Wire NewsBulletin http://www.unfoundation.org

UN Wire, the only daily news summary covering the UN, global affairs and key international issues is now available FREE from the United Nations Foundation's homepage as indicated above (under construction). UN Wire features direct, immediate links to full-text, audio, video and additional sources of information on the Internet. UN Wire covers a wide range of issues, including:

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