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No. 3/1998 ---------------------------------------------------- Dateline: 8 Feb 1998

Editor: Tobias Damjanov
Am Beckerkamp 12/app.26, D-21031 Hamburg, Germany
phone/fax: (49-40) 7269 2394

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=== > International Peace Bureau (IPB)
<> IPB 1998 Nobel Peace Prize Nomination
The IPB itself having been awarded the 1910 Nobel Peace Prize, the IPB is entitled to make suggestions for Nobel Peace Prize nominees. For 1998, IPB has nominated Mgr. Samuel Ruiz Garcia, Bishop of San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico being a ''courageous and untiring champion of the peace process and human rights in Chiapas''.
For the IPB statement in full, contact <

++++++ NUCLEAR WEAPONS ++++++

=== > NGOs' influence on the NTP PrepCom process

Kirsten Osen, vice chair, Norwegian Physicians against Nuclear War, and Martin Kalinowski, IANUS/INESAP, are suggesting to write a letter to your Foreign Minister and urge him/her to propose an official observer delegation of organisations within Abolition 2000 to the NPT PrepCom at Geneva, April/May 1998. A model letter which was already sent to the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs on 5 Jan 98, plus additional background information is available from:
Kirsten Osen at <
Martin Kalinowski at <

++++++ BRIEFINGS ++++++

=== > US-Iraq crisis
A flood of useful, and in part widely unknown, information is currently circulated on this burning topic via various email-listservers. Here is a selective list of related themes on which you can obtain articles and sources from WNII's editor <>:
<> Does the US plan a nuclear attack? [sampler]
<> Would Israel use neutron bombs in response to an Iraqi BC-weapons attack?
<> email debate about the biological weapons issue (Anthrax bombs) [sampler]
<> The peace movements' response and related articles:
--- Action Alert: Iraq People of Conscience must not be silent!
--- Darmstadt Peace Forum (Germany): Letter to Clinton and Kinkel (German Minister for Foreign Affairs)
--- Fellowship of Reconciliation, USA (Peace and Disarmament Program Coordinator)
--- Iraq Analysis by D. McReynolds (War Resisters League USA)
--- Iraq - Norwegian initiative at UN to review embargo
--- Mouvement de la Paix (France)
--- New Hampshire Peace Action (USA) Statement on the Crisis with Iraq
--- Pax Christi USA
--- US takes perilous path in show of military might by Marc Weller (''The Times'', UK, 3 Feb 98)
<> Overview on relevant Internet addresses / web links

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<><>27-29 March 1998: International Conference ''The Czech Republic and NATO''
Prague, Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament, Czech Republic
!INFO! Poslanecka kancelar SPR - RSC, Masarykova 31, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic; Fax: (420-5) 4221 5426,

<><>12-14 Oct 1998: 2nd International Conference on The Detection of Abandoned Land Mines
Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland
Programme: The conference will concentrate on technical advances and solutions and will comprise mainly refereed papers submitted in response to this Call for Papers. The opening presentations will be by invited keynote speakers addressing the overall problem.
!INFO! For further details / programme / Registration form contact:
MD98' Secretariat, Conference Services IEE, Savoy Place, London WC2R OBL, UK;
Tel.: (44-171) 344 5472/5, Fax: (44-171) 240 8830, e-mail:

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