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USA: Computer Professional for Social Responsibility (CPSR http://www.cpsr.org


On 24-25September, CPSR is organizing a conference "Governing the Commons: The Future of Global Internet Administration" at Alexandria, Virginia/USA. CPSR will provide a forum in which stakeholders can engage in a civil discussion of potentially contentious issues. The value of this event will be to allow parties to articulate their positions in public, to engage in moderated debate with other parties, and to educate a broad audience of policymakers and stakeholders. The conference program will address three broad topics:

<> 1. ICANN [Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers] and the Emerging Institutional Order

<> 2. Competition in the Domain Name System

<> 3. New Technologies Impacting Internet Administration

(see also: http://www.cpsr.org/conferences/dns99/dnsconf99.htm   )


Combined with its 1999 Annual Meeting, CPSR is going to hold "The Internet Gold Rush of '99: Can We Pan for Gold While Serving the Good?  The Pursuit of Wealth and Equity in Cyberspace" at Stanford University,   Palo Alto, CA, on 2-3 October.  The Programme is as follows (for updates, see URL indicated above):

USA: Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IEER http://www.ieer.org

The July 1999 issue (Vol. 7, No. 4) of the IEER periodical "Science for Democratic Action" contains the following:

plus a page with scientific (sort of...) riddles and another one with the "Atomic Puzzler," a crossword puzzle that is.

USA: Nuclear Age Peace Foundation's project "The Nuclear Files"

A number of websites contain information on nuclear issues, but they typically appeal to relatively narrow audiences such as grassroots peace activists or policy specialists. Some sites have collected treaties and presidential documents, while others chronicle a particular historical event or refer to nuclear information to promote a CD or book. Until now, there has been no single, comprehensive online source for easy-to-access information on the Nuclear Age.

NuclearFiles.org goes well beyond a collection of links and documents for narrow audiences, probing the ethical and political implications of the Nuclear Age. To be sure, NuclearFiles.org provides access to the major nuclear-related websites and documents, but it also features:

Nuclear Files intends to become the ultimate research and reference site on nuclear matters (Hiroshima to Stockpile Stewardship). It currently contains 1,400+ pages, 600+ graphics, audio and video files, nuclear bookstore ... and more.

The Nuclear Files       e-mail:     http://NuclearFiles.org/

"Peace Matters" - Newsletter of the Hague Appeal for Peace (HAP http://www.haguepeace.org

Issue 2/September 1999 of "Peace Matters", a 20-page tabloid, has now been released which provides a very useful and informative follow-up of the huge Congress at The Hague in May this year (as a reminder: INES is on the HAP Organizing Committee; the International Peace Bureau, to which INES is a member, is one out of four HAP Coordinating Organizations).


Re: Crisis in Chechnya/Dagestan

Here are some web references for information:

NATO Website at Center for Political and Strategic Studies

[Source: NATO NUCLEAR FLASH 99-37 (August 23, 1999)]

August 1999 -- The Center for Political and Strategic Studies has dedicated a website to NATO at Fifty. The site includes opinion and analysis from U.S. and European experts in government, military, and academia, including former Defense Secretary William Perry, General Andrew Goodpaster, Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, Ambassador Robert Ellsworth, and General Sir Hugh Beach. NATO at Fifty addresses such issues as:

* http://www.cpss.org/nato/nato.htm


Events listed here are being published only once due to limited space. Changes, however, will be taken into account (marked with ''UPDATE'')

The United Nations, Humanitarian Intervention and Disarmament.  Lessons from the war over Kosovo

The recent warfare has given rise to intense international debate over many issues. Among these are:

* the consequences for principles of implementing human rights and the peaceful settlement of disputes

* the future of international law and the role of the UN in future conflicts of this kind

* perceptions of shifts in regional and global balances of forces

* prospects for disarmament and implications for arms proliferation

* implications for the understanding of the role of civil society initiatives in conflict prevention and post-conflict peacebuilding

* implications of military intervention for humanitarian purposes

The seminar will provide an opportunity for examining these and related issues. In addition, part of the seminar will be devoted to looking at developments in international disarmament, including observations on the 1999 session of the Conference on Disarmament, issues for the First Committee of the General Assembly, "landmines and small arms."

Seminar Speakers include :

* Howard Clark, former coordinator of War Resisters International and co-founder of the Balkan Peace Team

* Alexander Belopopsky, Europe Secretary, World Council of Churches

* Dr. Patricia Lewis, Director, UN Institute for Disarmament Research

For more details, mailto:  

Millennium Forum "The United Nations for the Next Century"

The Millennium Forum brings together as organizers the broadest coalition ever of NGOs supporting the UN. NGO representatives from all parts of the world will assemble at UN headquarters to this conference.

NOTE: A Statement "Millennium Mobilization To Demand Full and Adequate Funding for the the United Nations and the UN System" for the "Millennium Mobilization" which was launched by the Steering Committee of the NGO Millennium Forum on July 28, 1999, can be obtained from:   or via fax through: (1-212) 557 3165

For more details,  mailto:  

Shaping the Sustainable Millennium - Collaborative Approaches  http://www.olt.qut.edu.au/int/selby  

For more details, contact the Conference Secretariat: mailto: 

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