Dateline: November 17, 2000

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CONTENTS of WNII No. 35/2000


Vacant position for the INESAP Coordinator  

The International Network of Engineers and Scientists Against  Proliferation (INESAP) is working in the field of non-proliferation and disarmament of weapons of mass destruction and its systems of delivery.  INESAP was founded in 1993 and its central node is located in Darmstadt,  Germany. This position has been made possible by funds granted by the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. For more information on INESAP please   refer to http://www.inesap.org 

"Precision Guided Weapons and Strategic Balance"  

In November the Russian INES member organisation Center for Arms Control, Energy and Environmental Studies at the Moscow Institute of  Physics and Technology has published a new report "Precision Guided  Weapons and Strategic Balance" (in Russian), by Eugene Miasnikov. The  report is addressed to a broad audience - political scientists,  military, technical and arms control experts, diplomats and general  public, interested in problems of international security.   To obtain the report please contact:  


New UNEP Manual on Environmental Accounting   [Source: UNEP Information Note 2000/55]  

Recognizing the strong interlinkages between every country's environmental and economic performance, the United Nations Environment  Programme (UNEP) has recently published "The Integrated Environmental  and Economic Accounting Operational Manual" for use at the national  level.   The Manual addresses the environmental concerns of both industrialized  and developing countries. It is a supplement to the United Nations  handbook entitled "Integrated Environmental and Economic Accounting",  which was produced by the United Nations Statistics Division in 1993 in  response to Agenda 21.   Produced by the Economics and Trade Unit of UNEP's Division of  Technology, Industry and Economics, the Manual contains six chapters:  

For information on how to obtain a copy of the Manual, please contact  Beth Peoch, Economics and Trade Unit, UNEP:    http://www.unep.ch/etu   


Removing military weapons from civilian hands  

This is the title of a draft discussion paper circulated for comment.  The authors are Christophe Carle and Dr Patricia Lewis, Director of the  UN Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR).

The following is from  the paper's introduction:   Over the recent months, a momentum has begun to build around the idea of  focusing a world-wide campaign against the prime types of weapons that are killing and maiming people in conflict and post-conflict regions.  This embryonic campaign, now a collaboration between governments, NGOs  and IGOs, is exciting because it stems more from the humanitarian action and health communities than it does from the disarmament sector. The   focus of the campaign is on what is needed rather than what is thought  to be politically possible.   We have written this discussion paper in order to assist and the growing  debate on military-style weapons. There is a strong urgency associated  with this process. While we dither people are dying and being in injured  in large numbers. Societies are being destroyed and futures are being  ruined. We realise that a serious campaign could well use the 2001 small  arms conference as its springboard and urge that action is taken before  then to ensure maximum support for this process.   This draft paper is intended for researchers and policy-formers working  in the fields of conflict prevention resolution, humanitarian aid,  refugee aid, emergency health, disaster prevention, development,   post-conflict building, arms control and so on. We hope that it will stimulate discussion and we would like feedback before 31 November 2000.   Please feel free to circulate this paper on an informal basis, but  please do not cite it in its draft form or quote from it as it now  stands. We think it likely that the paper will be extensively modified  before it is published and we look forward to receiving your comments   You can obtain the paper from:  Dr Patricia Lewis:   Christophe Carle:      or from the WNII editor 


Working Conference on Security and Control of IT in Society II  (SCITS-II)  http://www.conference.sk/ifip/

For more details, contact Prof. Dr. Simone Fischer-Hübner, Karlstad  University Sweden:     

International Student Symposium on Negotiation and Conflict  http://www.iimcr.org/symposium/symposium.html


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