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No. 2/1998 ---------------------------------------------------- Dateline: 25 Jan 1998


Editor: Tobias Damjanov, Kreutzkamp 33, D-21465 Reinbek, Germany


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=== > CONGRESS 2000

The ad-hoc preparatory committee of the INES Congress in the year 2000 met in Uppsala, Sweden, on January 10 and 11, 1998. The congress will address ''Challenges to science and engineering in the 21st century and the responsibility of engineers and scientists''. The meeting discussed intentions, expected outcome and first organisational steps. Stockholm University is a strong option as a conference venue. The tentative date is 14 -18 June, 2000. The meeting suggested designing plenary talks in a way that they form the basis of a textbook on ''Science and Global Problems''. As a next step several organisations from Sweden and beyond will be invited to act as coorganizers and to establish a program committee.

Tentative meeting dates are 28 March or 16 May, 1998.
Author: Hartwig Spitzer <>
!CONTACT! Lars Ryden, Uppsala, <>


=== > Member Organisations' + Project Groups' News

!UPDATE! <><> 13-15 February 1998 INES Students Congress
Students' Perspectives for a Sustainable World - What could a sustainable university look like?
University of Dortmund, Germany
!INFO! Details are available in English via <> or <>

++++++ BRIEFINGS ++++++

=== > Hague Appeal for Peace 1999 (Third Hague Peace Conference 10-15 May 1999)
This event which is co-organised and supported by many international NGOs including INES will be held on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the First Hague Peace Conference. Ideas and suggestions for this event are now available at: http://www3.itu.int/ipb/hap/vision.htm
Coordinating NGO is the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms (IALANA), International Secretariat, POB 11589, NL-2502 AN The Hague, The Netherlands; Tel.: (31-70) 363 4484, Fax: (31-70) 345 5951, e-mail: , http://www.ddh.nl/org/ialana/


=== > Mikhail Gorbachev on Nuclear Abolition & nonviolence
This is an interesting interview with M. Gorbachev published by the US weekly ''The Nation'' (2-9 Feb 98) and available via Internet at:


=== > Guidelines for the Management of Plutonium
After almost 4 years of secret negotiations, these Guidelines were adopted at the end of last year. Officially still not being published, INESAP member Dr. Martin Kalinowski recently got hold of the documents. !CONTACT! <> or: <>

=== > Cassini follow-up

After the launching of the Cassini probe last October, the movement against this project has started a Noflyby Campaign which refers to the very dangerous Earth swing-by maneuver scheduled for August 18, 1999.


--- Internet Action Site to Stop the Cassini Earth Flyby: <http://www.nonviolence.org./noflyby/> You can find a formatted version of this newsletter at <http://www.nonviolence.org/noflyby/alerts/1.htm>

--- ''Action Site Newsletter'': To subscribe online go to: <http://www.nonviolence.org/noflyby/alerts/subscr.htm> or send a clear message such as "Subscribe to NoFlyby list" to the NoFlyby Webmaster: <>

--- Stop Cassini Earth Flyby. A Call to Work Together. Available from: Jonathan Haber <>

--- Stop Cassini Earth Flyby Petition: <http://www.nonviolence.org/noflyby/action/petition.htm>

--- New Cassini Info Page: <http://www.nonviolence.org/noflyby/action/fact.htm>


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