Dateline: 2003

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CONTENTS of WNII No. 29/2003


SciDev.Net Biodiversity Quick Guide (Source: IISD's Linkages Update, 12 Sept 03)

SciDev.Net has launched a "Quick Guide" on biodiversity where visitors can find information on the biodiversity challenges facing developing countries. This resource considers the issues surrounding the need to protect global biodiversity and promote social and economic growth in developing countries. The guide includes: news stories from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East; descriptions of key reports and new research findings; links to relevant organizations; and an events section listing major conferences and workshops.


LakeNet's website update (Source: IISD's Linkages Update, 12 Sept 03)

LakeNet, a global network of people and organizations in more than 90 countries dedicated to the conservation and sustainable development of lake ecosystems, has improved its website to include a more comprehensive online database of over 2,000 lakes worldwide. The site also includes: links to over 1,500 organizations and resources useful to lake managers and others working to protect and restore lakes; a database of more than 250,000 lake basin maps; and a section dedicated to the Lake Basin Management Initiative, a global initiative to document and share experiences and lessons learned in lake management.


2003 World Investment Report (Sources: IISD's Linkages Update, 12 Sept 03; UNCTAD, Sept 2003)

The 2003 World Investment Report focuses on the decline in foreign direct investment (FDI), which dropped 21 percent in2002. Earlier chapters discuss the overall trends in FDI, which by and large have dropped dramatically, with no rebound expected for 2003. The reasons for the downturn are addressed from a global perspective as well as by region. The report considers key issues surrounding national FDI policies and international investment agreements, with a focus on the rise of such agreements, the right to regulate, home country measures, and corporate social responsibility. Implicated in the decline of FDI are factors such as weakening economies, falling stock markets, financial restructuring and the slowing down of privatization. More information:


Web resources on recently held meetings and conferences (Source: International Institute for Sustainable Development)

Upcoming meetings and conferences (Source: International Institute for Sustainable Development)

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