No. 27/1998


Dateline: 13 December 1998

WNII is an electronic information service of INES,
the International Network of Engineers and Scientists for Global Responsibility

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!!! Abolition 2000 homepage: http://www.abolition2000.org


De-Alerting Resource & Action Kits

The US-based Disarmament Clearinghouse is offering a De-Alerting Resource & Action Kits, which you can order from: http://www.psr.org/Disarmhouse-dealert.htm


Links re: agriculture and food

INES member Dr. Friedemannn Greulich < > put together some links regarding agriculture and food which might be helpful for those interested in this particular matter:

 seed savers: ; ;

 International Plant Genetic Resources Institute: http://www.cgiar.org/ipgri/

 Union of Concerned Scientists - Agriculture pages (Shaping an Agriculture for the Twenty-First Century): http://www.ucsusa.org/agriculture/index.html

 A Project on Agricultural Research by FAS (the Federation of American Scientists): http://www.fas.org/ag/index.htm e-Journal "Global Issues in Agricultural Research": http://www.fas.org/ag/newsletters/newsletindex.htm

 (NOTE that Dr. Greulich cannot be reached until 6 January 1999)


ID21: a new Development Research reporting service: http://www.id21.org

 The UK Department for International Development is backing an Internet-based system which links development research and researchers directly to policymakers and development practitioners around the world through a new website. Hosted by the Institute of Development Studies, the initiative is known as ID21 - or Information for Development in the 21st Century. Its key feature is a searchable online collection of short, one-page (500-word) digests of the latest social and economic research studies across 30 key topic fields. ID21 can be found at the homepage indicated above.

 Additionally, an email newsletter called ID21NEWS is available. For subscription, you simply send a blank email message to: < > In the subject field include the words: subscribe id21news



!!! NOTE: Events listed here are being published only once due to limited space. Changes, however, will be taken into account (marked with ''UPDATE'')


2nd Interdisciplinary Conference on the Evolution of World Order (WOC)

Global and Local Responsibilities for a Just and Sustainable Civilization

http://www.pgs.ca/woc/ - Internet discussion list:

 For more details, !!! mailto < >


IVth Conference of the European Sociological Association (ESA): Will Europe Work?

 For more details, !!! goto: http://www.qub.ac.uk/esa/conf99.htm


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