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Dateline: 29 November 1998

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INES 2000 Congress Update



On 14-18 June 2000, the INES Congress ''Challenges for Science and Engineering in the 21st Century'' will take place at Stockholm, Sweden. Because of the importance and significance of the event, a particular homepage has been set up (see above). If you have any questions related to the Congress and to the contents of the homepage.

The Programme Committee for the Congress "CHALLENGES FOR SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING IN THE 21ST CENTURY" (Stockholm, 14-18 June 2000) met in Stockholm on 20-22 November. The meetings were hosted by the Royal Academy of Sciences, which is one of the Swedish cooperation partners for the Congress. The Programme Committee discussed in detail proposals for some 22 working groups at the Congress. The working groups will be arranged within four THEME AREAS:

A. The culture of Science and Engineering and Individual Responsibility; Coordinator: Guillermo Lemarchand < >

B. Science and Engineering for a finite world; Coordinator: Hartwig Spitzer < >

C. Restructuring Economy in a global Context: Coordinator: Marc Ollivier <>

D. Steps to comprehensive Security and Lasting Peace; Coordinator: Armin Tenner < >

Proposals for plenary talks were also discussed. It was confirmed that the Congress plan can be communicated outside of INES. However major fundraising efforts have to be made before the final format of the Congress can be established. The Programme Committee agreed on a further round of consultation and feedback. Final decisions on the list of themes and contributors to be invited will be made by the Organizing Committee, which consists of representatives of INES and the Swedish cooperation partners (co-chairs: Lars Ryden and Hartwig Spitzer).

It is anticipated to issue a first congress announcement in February 1999.

New INES Brochure Out Now

''New Security Concerns and Approaches'' is the title of a recently released INES brochure. The contributions published are mainly based on one of the workshops of this year's INES Council Meeting.

The brochure is available for US$10. Orders can be send to: < >


German INESAP Members Demand No-First-Use of Nuclear Weapons

Scientists Demand NATO: No First Use of Nuclear Weapons as an Essential First Step Towards a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World

[Published here are only extracts due to the length of the Statement which is obtainable either from the authors or from the WNII editor.]

''The German initiators of the International Network of Engineers and Scientists Against Proliferation (INESAP) demand a No-First-Use pledge for nuclear weapons as an essential step towards a nuclear-weapon-free world. We support the initiative by the German Foreign Minister for a No-First Use in NATO and demand further steps leading to complete nuclear disarmament. The decision of Germany and 11 further NATO member states, not to vote against resolution A/C.1/53/L.48 "Towards a Nuclear Weapon Free World: The Need for a New Agenda" in the UN First Committee on 13. November 1998 is a courageous step and a signal that even within NATO there is opposition against the indefinite reliance on nuclear weapons.


''... we urge the new German government to insist on its independent path and to take an active role to initiate negotiations on the elimination of all nuclear weapons, aiming at the Nuclear Weapons Convention as a binding framework of international law. It would be consequent and in accordance with the government coalition agreement if the German delegation at the UN would not only abstain on disarmament resolutions in the UN General Assembly but would vote "Yes". What is most pressing is that Germany makes an end to the first-use doctrine and pushes for the removal of all nuclear weapons from its own territory, a dangerous remainder of past ages.''

Nov.27, 1998

Dr.Wolfgang Liebert (Darmstadt, Germany) < >

Dr.Jurgen Scheffran (Darmstadt, Germany) < >

Dr. Martin Kalinowski (Vienna, Austria) < >


USA: Nuclear Age Peace Foundation: ''Waging Peace Worldwide'' Fall 1998


''Waging Peace Worldwide'' is the journal of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. The Fall (Volume 8, No. 3) issue is mainly devoted to the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with articles by David Krieger, Nelson Mandela, Frank K. Kelly, and an interview with Richard Falk. Also in the issue:



Resources: Fair Trade and Sustainable Development ^

The Interhemispheric Resource Center, USA, recently announced the release of the ''Cross Border Links Fair Trade and Sustainable Development Directory''. Like its companion directories--Environmental and Labor--the Fair Trade and Sustainable Development Directory aims to make it easier for progressive people and organizations to find and get in touch with each other.

Arranged in five world regions (North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia), this directory provides descriptions and contact information for over 125 organizations dedicated to building a world on the principles of equitability and sustainability.

To order the Cross Border Links Fair Trade and Sustainable Development Directory, available for $10.95, send either a check drawn on a U.S. bank or your VISA/MasterCard information to: IRC, Box 4506, Albuquerque, NM 87196, USA [no email indicated].


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The Future Security Architecture of Greater Europe ^

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Science and Social Responsibility in the New Millenium

International reunion conference to celebrate Student Pugwash USA's 20th anniversary

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