Dateline: August 11, 2000

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CONTENTS of WNII No. 21/2000


INES Executive Director to visit FR Yugoslavia  

Reiner Braun, INES Executive Director, is to visit the Yugoslav cities of Belgrade and Novi Sad on 1-4 September to consider joint projects with democratic opposition forces.  Please contact Reiner Braun at    , if you would like to learn more about these planned contacts.

"The SEU TIMES" No 5 (14) - June-July 2000  

"The SEU TIMES" is the electronic newsletter of the "Socio-Ecological  Union", one of the Russian INES member organsiations. The latest issue  has the following contents: 

The  International Socio-Ecological Union has initiated the Program "For  Environmental Safety of Rocket and Space Activity"  For contacts: Sergei Krichevsky, Program coordinator:      Editor: Sviatoslav Zabelin    Previous issues of "The SEU Times" may be found at "The Online Gadfly":  http://www.igc.org/gadfly    

Articles on a Missile Freeze by INESAP members  

Recently, the German INESAP member Dr Juergen Scheffran has published  the article "Time for a Missile Freeze, Options for international control of ballistic missiles" which was prepared for the ECAAR Newsletter, July 2000.  ECAAR (Economists Allied for Arms Reduction) is a US-based INES member organisation.   In response to this article, Egyptian INESAP member Bahig Nassar who also serves as a Coordinator of the Arab Coordination Centre of NGOs, has disseminated some critical reflections on Scheffran's assessment.    You can obtain these articles either from the authors:  Dr Juergen Scheffran    Bahig Nassar     Or from the WNII editor.


Abolition 2000 homepage: http://www.abolition2000.org  Grassroots News: http://www.napf.org/abolition2000/news/  

Independent Commission on the Verifiability of the Comprehensive  Test Ban Treaty: Call for Papers  http://www.ctbtcommission.org

The London-based Verification Research, Training and Information Centre (VERTIC) invites members of the international verification community to submit papers to The Independent Commission on the Verifiability of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT).   The Commission, established by VERTIC, is composed of eminent scientists and experts, acting in their personal capacities. The Commission will be tasked with assessing the verifiability of the Treaty, both:

Papers are requested on the following subjects which are to be examined by the Commission in preparing its report:

Selected papers will be placed on the Commission's website and in a collected volume to be published after the Commission has reported at the end of October. Papers should address one or more of the topics above, be no more than 20 pages long, and include a brief biography of  the author.    NOTE: Please submit papers as early as possible - at the latest by 6 October 2000 - to the Commission, preferably as an email attachment, to:     [Fax: (44-20) 7242 3266]


/linkages/journal/ Volume 5, Number 7, 1 August 2000  (Published by the International Institute for Sustainable Development  (IISD))

The PDF (formatted and printable with wall calendar) version is available at:  http://www.iisd.ca/linkages/journal/link0507e.pdf    The latest issue of /linkages/journal/ carries the following:  

Researchers and Industry Join Forces to Examine Sustainability of  the Network Centric Economy  

The School of Engineering and Applied Science of the University of  Pennsylvania (USA) announced the creation of the Ackoff Center for Advanced Systems Approaches (A-CASA). A-CASA is dedicated to education, academic research, industry research and consulting, and outreach programs in the area of systems approaches.    Faculty from Engineering and the Wharton School are expected to work under the auspices of A-CASA on multi-disciplinary research topics in such areas as netcentricity and sustainability. Netcentricity or network centricity is the centrality of telecommunications networks and the  Internet for business, education, and leisure. The Ackoff Center will examine the implications of netcentricity on a variety of topics including production, logistics, trading, organizational design, and  knowledge management. The Ackoff Center will examine several issues related to sustainability in both "new economy" and traditional organizations.   The membership program will allow for close liaison with leading edge companies for industry-sponsored research and short-term Fellows from  industry to work on intellectually challenging projects with standing  faculty and students. Further, A-CASA will provide opportunities for  internships for undergraduates and graduate students from Penn and other institutions to further enhance the educational mission of the University.    For details, contact Sandy Rathman, University of Pennsylvania School of   Engineering:     


CDI's Issue Brief "National Missile Defense: What Does It All Mean?"  

As the debate in the United States on the planned deployment of the national missile defense (NMD) system heats up, the Center for Defense Information (CDI) is releasing a timely Issue Brief, "National Missile Defense: What Does It All Mean?" on this important national security   issue. The 40-48 page document scheduled for release on 31 August 2000, will include the following:  

In addition to the print version, CDI is preparing a web site with  further information on the National Missile Defense program. Each section in the print version will be updated on the web, on an as-needed  basis, to keep the document current.   TO ORDER: Please send a check for US$5 to the Center for Defense Information, 1779 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Suite 615  Washington, DC 20036, USA.  Please write "Issue Brief" on the check   For more information, please e-mail Tomas Valasek at:    

New e-mail list about the Free Trade Area of the Americas  

"ftaa-l" is the name of a new international e-mail list about the Free  Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) and the upcoming Summit of the Americas meeting in Quebec City (April 2001).  The FTAA is the proposed extension of NAFTA to the entire hemisphere (except Cuba) by 2005.    ftaa-l is intended to share information, analysis, announcements, news, opinion articles, organizing and protest info, direct action reports, and hard-to-find corporate or government insider information, related to the FTAA negotiations and the Summit of the Americas process.   ftaa-l is NOT a discussion list, but rather an information resource; as such, it is moderated. ftaa-l is an English language list. zlea-l is the corresponding French language list, while alca-l is both the Spanish and Portuguese list.   To subscribe to ftaa-l, send an e-mail message, with a blank subject  line, to     with the following text: subscribe    You can similarly subscribe to zlea-l and alca-l.   To talk to the list moderators directly, or for more information,  e-mail:     or   

News Digest on Iraq created  

Due to numerous requests for easy-to-use news information on Iraq - with special focus on the sanctions - the iac-news-digest egroups list has been created. Every week, a compilation of important news articles,  editorials, and reviews of anti-sanctions activities will be distributed on that list. If you are interested in a service that provides you with news on Iraq, while keeping the number of e-mails to a minimum, then subscribe to the   by sending a blank message  to:     


No new or changed email or web addresses in  this issue.  All INES e-mail addresses and homepages are available upon request from:  

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