No. 20/1998


Dateline: 11 October 1998

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============ Member Organisations' + Project Groups' News ============ ^

=== > Aotearoa/New Zealand: New issue of the ESR Newsletter ^

The September 1998 issue of the Engineers for Social Responsibility (ESR) Newsletter contains the following main articles:

NOTE that the 1999 ESR Conference and Annual General meeting is scheduled for 7 Feb 1999.

Newsletter editor is Neil Mander

=== > Britain: Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR UK) ^

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The final Report of the Climate Train, a journey by train and boat from Europe to the UN Climate Convention in Kyoto in late 1997 by a group of 36 scientists, environmental activists, politicians and students from 14 countries, is now available. Containing over 60 pages including about 120 colour photos and other graphics, the report gives a vivid and colourful account of the motivations behind the Climate Train and the successes and frustrations involved in its undertaking.

To order your copy, please print out and return the form below, together with your cheque. (No stamp required if posted within the UK).

To: SGR, FREEPOST (SW 5294), LONDON SW18 4YY. Please send me _____ copies of the Report of the Climate Train @ GBP 13.95 plus GBP 1.00 postage & packing each.

I enclose a cheque made payable to Scientists for Global Responsibility for GBP _____ .





=== > USA: New issue of ''The Sunflower'' (Nuclear Age Peace Foundation) ^

''The Sunflower'' No 17/October 1998 covers the following:

U.S. Conducts Subcritical Test "Bagpipe"; India and Pakistan Nuclear Potential Huge; U.S. and Japan Planning Missile Defense; U.S. Pays Russian Nuclear Workers; Bill Would Allow Production of Tritium; Turkish Police Arrest Uranium Smugglers
Waste and Health:
Largest Individual Amounts Ever Awarded in Radiation Exposure Trial; Citizen Group Pressures EPA For Radiation Tests; Scientist Apologizes For Delay in Releasing Radiation Study; Hanford Exterminates Radioactive Ants; Many People May Be Suffering From Radiation Related Illnesses
Preparing for Nuclear War:
Tulsa, Florida Prepares for NBC Attacks; Bunker Owner Markets Nuke-proof Computer Storage;
Historical Notes:
U.S. Planned to Drop the Bomb on China in 1964; Twenty Minutes From Nuclear War?
Anti-nuclear Activists Urge Israel to Free Vanunu

In addition, a supplement ''Abolition 2000 Grassroots News'' is being distributed which contains the following articles:

=============== International Peace Bureau (IPB) =============== ^

=== > Sean MacBride Peace Prize to John Hume ^
This year, the IPB (of which INES is a member) is presenting its annual Sean MacBride Peace Prize to John Hume, who is widely recognised to have played a decisive role in breaking the political stalemate in Ulster, paving the way for this year's historic Good Friday agreement. In particular, his influence was crucial in persuading the IRA to come to the negotiating table. ''At a time when the peace process continues to be under threat'', commented IPB President Maj-Britt Theorin, ''the IPB believes it is important to honour publicly a politician who has displayed sustained courage and leadership during these difficult years of 'the Troubles'.''
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=============== NUCLEAR WEAPONS =============== ^
!!! Abolition 2000 homepage: http://www.napf.org/abolition2000/

=== > "Taking the Pulse of the US Nuclear Arsenal" ^
This is a new nuclear resources web page provided by the British American Security Information Council (BASIC). The Institute writes: "This site includes a wealth of information on the current status of US nuclear systems, warheads, the weapons complex, and nuclear planning. This is designed to provide a detailed glimpse of the current plans of the arsenal, including warhead testing programs, nuclear exercises, and related materials."
E-mail contacts:
Stephen Young, senior analyst:
Hans Kristensen, primary author:

=== > "De-Alerting Alert" ^
Please note this web site provided by the Federation of American Scientists, and edited by Aaron Tovish. It has full text versions of various speeches, articles, etc., as well as excerpts and comments by Tovish concerning the questions of de-alerting nuclear weapons. [Source: John Burroughs, Western States Legal Foundation, USA ]

=== > Appeal for educational materials on nuclear issues for groups in South Asia ^
From Janet Bloomfield, Abolition 2000 UK
Dear Friends,
we have finally been able to co-ordinate with colleagues in India and Pakistan for them to receive educational material from groups around the world. The main need is for educational material on nuclear weapons and nuclear power, in the form of videos, slides, pamphlets, books, .... anything and everything that can be used by activist groups directly or after translation. Material that can be used by schools and colleges would be particularly welcome.
We are therefore putting out this appeal to groups everywhere asking for them to donate whatever educational material they have, or are willing to collect, buy etc. to help support South Asian peace movement activity. Nobody is asking for money, nor should money be sent. If people want to spend a little of their money to buy a video or a book that they can send, that would be great. Please forward this appeal to anyone you know of who may be able to help. Thanking you in anticipation.
Yours in peace, Zia Mian
and Janet Bloomfield
It would be very useful if the material could be in Pakistan in time for planned travelling exhibition of pictures from Hiroshima and hibakusha (a-bomb witness survivors) testimonies (Dec 26-Jan 5) and the public meetings in a number of cities probably around that time. There is also a discussion of a national peace movement conference to follow this up.

=============== SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT =============== ^

=== > ''The New Economics of Sustainable Development'' ^
''The New Economics of Sustainable Development'' is a briefing for policy makers by James Robertson to the Forward Studies Unit of the European Commission. The 122-page document is recommended by the New Zealand INES member organisation ''Engineers for Social Responsibility''.
[There is an introduction with links to a summary as well as the full text in MS-Word format for download on James Robertson's "Turning point 2000" website.]

=============== BRIEFINGS =============== ^

=== > New UNIDIR electronic conference on security and disarmament ^
UNIDIR (United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research) is pleased to announce an Electronic Conference entitled "A New Agenda for Security and Disarmament." To sign on as a conference participant, please visit our website [see above] and type in your e-mail address in our disarmament dialogue box. You will then receive all of the correspondence to the electronic conference directly to your e-mail address. For further details please check our website.
I'd also be grateful if you could pass this message on to your colleagues and any relevant networks and conferences in which you participate.
Patricia Lewis, Director, UNIDIR

=== > Protecting War: Militarism and the MAI ^
http://www.peacewire.org ''End the Arms Race'' [Canada] has just completed "Protecting War: Militarism and the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI)," a study of the MAI and how it affects militarism. You can read the report by visiting the homepage indicated above.
If you would like to order hard copies of the report (20 pages), contact Jillian Skeet at End the Arms Race at:
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Steve Staples

=============== CONFERENCES - MEETINGS - SEMINARS =============== ^

!!! NOTE: Events listed here are being published only once due to limited space. Changes, however, will be taken into account (marked with ''UPDATE'')

=== > "UNITED for Intercultural Action" International Conference ^
For more details,
!!! mailto http://www.xs4all.nl/~united

=============== INES WEB- AND EMAIL SERVICE =============== ^

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=== > PAKISTAN: Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) ^
!!! NEW: SDPI homepage: http://www.sdpi.org

=== > Zia Mian, Member, INESAP ^
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