No. 19/1998 Dateline: 27 September 1998

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============ Member Organisations' + Project Groups' News ============ ^

=== > NIGERIA: Centre for Conflict Resolution and Peace Advocacy (CCRPA) ^

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The CCRPA is producing a newsletter called ''The Mediator''. The January-June 1998 issue, which is 40 pages strong, carries the following articles:

=== > GERMANY: Scientists' Initiative Responsibility for Peace and Sustainability (NatWis) ^


NatWis is currently concentrating on the preparation of a major German congress entitled ''Responsibility for a New Type of Sustainable Politics'' in Bonn, 16-18 October this year. This event, which is related to the outcome of the German General Elections on 27 September, is co-sponsored by six other national organisations, including trade unions. On 18 October, the Annual General Meeting of NatWis will be held.

As to the aims of the Congress, the organisers write, among other things:
'' ... We are urging a take-off into the future. Generations before us have accumulated an abundance of time, knowledge, and cultural achievement. We want to live in a society that distributes this wealth justly. We want a society that provides comprehensive participation in decision processes for everybody. We want a peaceable society where individuals settle their disputes maturely, develop their communities, respect nature, and maintain the environment and themselves in a healthy condition. We want a society that consumes less, cuts waste, uses material and energy resources responsibly. It won't happen without some major effort and some contest. Yet we are determined and able to shape a world that will hold a future both in the North and the South for us and the generations to come ...''

For more details about both the Congress and the NatWis AGM,
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=============== NUCLEAR WEAPONS =============== ^

!!! Abolition 2000 homepage: http://www.napf.org/abolition2000/

=== > STOP PRESS: 4th US subcritical test conducted^

The fourth US subcritical nuclear weapons test since July 1997 was exploded on the Nevada Test Site at 3:07 pm Pacific Standard Time on Saturday, September 26. In such tests, plutonium is blasted with explosives too weak to set off the self-sustaining nuclear reaction of an atomic explosion. The US Department of Energy says that they are prepared to conduct at least one more subcritical test before the end of the year.

In a first reaction, the mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on Sunday condemned the test, saying the experiment will impede nuclear disarmament. Nagasaki Mayor Itcho Ito said the test ''trampled on the request by Nagasaki citizens and the people of the world'' not to carry it out. Takashi Hiraoka, mayor of Hiroshima, said the test ''will inevitably cause a build-up in the nuclear weapons race''.

=== > US Stockpile Stewardship Program web reference ^

The Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper has produced a whole section on stockpile stewardship and management. It is a pretty comprehensive site with many indepth articles and comparisons:


=== > Brochure Citizens Inspections ^

Dear friends,
The 'Nuclear Weapons Abolition Days' network is happy to announce the publications of a brochure about Citizens Inspections of Nuclear Sites. The brochure comprises lots of ideas, drawn from experience, and visions for the future, about how to organise effective inspections.
We give credit to Eirlys Rhiannon for taking lots of time to make this happen.
If you also wish to receive a hard copy, please E-mail us your snail mail address today.
Pol D'Huyvetter
(Nuclear Weapons Abolition Days, a Working Group of Abolition 2000)
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=============== WHISTLEBLOWERS =============== ^

=== > Trial date set for nuclear whistleblower Alexandr Nikitin ^

  1. The Norwegian Bellona Foundation informs that St. Petersburg City Court Judge Sergei Golets will hear the espionage case against environmentalist Alexandr Nikitin beginning October 20. The announcement marks the end of three years of investigations by the FSB, the successor of the KGB. Nikitin has been charged seven times with espionage for his participation in a Bellona report detailing the unsafe nuclear waste storage practices of the Russian Northern Fleet. This is the first time Nikitin gets the opportunity to prove his innocence and that all the information in the Northern Fleet report is based on open sources.

    The Bellona Foundation is able to provide more indepth information about Nikitin, as well as about the legal procedure Nikitin is confronted with.
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  2. The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF) urges you to send a message to Boris Yeltsin, President of the Russian Federation, demanding that Nikitin is not be prosecuted for releasing information to the public on radioactive waste hazards. NAPF suggests to send this message by fax [(7-095) 206 5173], but Yeltsin can also be approached via the email address:

    For more about the NAPF activities re Nikitin:
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=============== BRIEFINGS =============== ^

=== > 1999 Hague Appeal for Peace Conference: Selected News ^


Commemorating the First Hague Conference for Peace in 1899, this major event is scheduled for 10-15 May next year. INES is among the sponsor organisations. INES Chair Prof. Tenner is dealing with the INES support concerning the Conference.

Here are some useful up-to-date information:

=== > Landmine Treaty to Enter Into Force ^


After Burkina Faso became the fortieth nation to ratify the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty on 16 September, the treaty will now enter into force - become binding international law - on 1 March 1999 after a six month waiting period. The Mine Ban Treaty (formally the Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and On Their Destruction) has been signed by 130 nations since last December. Among the forty ratifying thus far are not only nations that led the Mine Ban Treaty negotiations (such as Austria, Canada, Ireland, Norway and South Africa), but also nations that used to be major producers and exporters of landmines (such as France, Germany, United Kingdom, and Hungary) and nations where mines have been used most extensively (such as Bosnia, Croatia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe). Quick entry into force is vital for the crucial treaty deadlines - destruction of stockpiled mines within four years and of mines already in the ground within ten years - to go into effect.

=============== CONFERENCES - MEETINGS - SEMINARS =============== ^

!!! NOTE: Events listed here are being published only once due to limited space. Changes, however, will be taken into account (marked with ''UPDATE'')

=== > Sustainable Disarmament for Sustainable Development ^

International conference on small arms and light weapons, including an international NGO conference (on 14 Oct)

For more details,
!!! mailto Pax Christi International

=== > Dispute Resolution Methods in International Long-Term Construction and Infrastructure Projects ^

For more details,
!!! Tel.: (44-171) 963 3530, Fax: (44-171) 936 3533 (no email indicated)

=== > Nuclear Disarmament Put to the Test. New Developments Demand a New Agenda ^

International conference which will explore the implications for the future of nuclear disarmament of the recent Indian and Pakistani nuclear tests.

For more details,
!!! mailto Majlis Friden

=== > Preparatory Conference for the 1999 Hague Appeal for Peace ^

Aims to elaborate a broad definition of peace education and to expand connections between educators, students, activists, NGOs and professionals from various countries

For more details,
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=== > International Conference on Human Rights: 50 Years After ^

For more details,
!!! mailto UNESCO http://www.unesco.org/

=== > 7th International War Tax Resistance and Peace Tax Campaigns Conference ^

For more details,
!!! mailto National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee USA:

=============== INES WEB- AND EMAIL SERVICE =============== ^

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=== > New homepage of INESDEV^

CHANGE: Homepage of the INES International Study Project "Science, Engineering and Development" (INESDEV). The new address is:

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