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Dateline: July 7, 2002

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CONTENTS of WNII No. 19/2002


New Zealand: Engineers for Social Responsibility (ESR) Newsletter June 2002 (Vol. 18/No. 3) http://www.esr.org.nz 

The latest ESR Newsletter carries the following main articles:

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USA: Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF), The Sunflower, No. 62, July 2002 
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The July 2002 issue of The Sunflower covers the following:

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Abolition 2000 homepage: http://www.abolition2000.org  Grassroots News: http://www.napf.org/abolition2000/news/ 

 Japan: 1000th "6 & 9 Action" on August 6, 2002 (From: Kobe Port Gensuikyo, 4 July 02)

The Kobe Port Council against A and H Bombs (Kobe Port Gensuikyo) will be marking the 1000th "6 & 9 Action" on August 6, 2002. The Kobe Port Gensuikyo is composed of trade unions in the Port of Kobe, where the nuclear-free "Kobe Formula" has successfully prevented the entry of nuclear-armed warships into the port for the past 27 years.

The "6 & 9 Action" is an activity which takes place on the 6th and 9th of every month in commemoration of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These actions have been taking place without a break since 1966 and the 1000th action will be marked on August 6 this year. Over 9 million Yen has been donated and is distributed to Hibakusha in Hyogo at the end of each year. This 36-year-long action by the Kobe Port Gensuikyo has been a major force in the creation as well as the on-going nuclear-free "Kobe Formula". Kobe Port Gensuikyo is also heavily involved in the fight against the "Wartime Legislation Bills," which many Japanese fear will drag Japan into a US-instigated war.

The Secretary General of Hyogo Gensuikyo, Shushi Kajimoto, would be grateful if all those who have long supported and encouraged the nuclear-free "Kobe Formula", could send a message of solidarity and encouragement in our fight for a nuclear-free world:

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International Trade Unions Suggestions for WSSD Documents

Two of the world's leading trade union organisations, the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) and the Trade Union Advisory Committee to the OECD (TUAC), are urging the South Africa's Environment Minister Vali Moosa and former Indonesian WSSD Prepcom IV Chair, Dr Emil Salim to help strengthen social and employment provisions of the eventual WSSD texts and to make improvements on the wording of worker participation issues, corporate accountability, roles of governments, and sector linkages to production/consumption patterns. In a letter addressed to the South African Environment Minister, both drew attention to the fact that workers and trade unions are in a very good position to help implement the outcomes of WSSD, especially through workplace actions with employers.

The trade union letter emphasised the ability and willingness of workers and trade unions to fully participate in WSSD implementation plans but also notes that they needed to see clear positive signals coming from both the WSSD Implementation Text and the Political Declaration.

The trade union letter contained a 5-page annex, including suggestions of wording for both the Implementation Document and the Political Declaration.

The original of the letter is available from the WNII Editor as an PDF-formatted email attachment.


"Trust & Verify" No. 102/May-June 2002

The latest issue of "Trust & Verify", published by the London-based "Verification Research, Training and Information Centre (VERTIC)", carries the following:

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