Dateline: April 6, 2000

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INES Congress 2000

''Challenges for Science and Engineering in the 21st Century''

Stockholm, 14-18 June 2000


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CONTENTS of WNII No. 12/2000


INES Council Meeting 2000   

Please inform the INES Office about your participation:    


Abolition 2000 homepage: http://www.abolition2000.org

Grassroots News: http://www.napf.org/abolition2000/news/  

Briefings on the 2000 NPT Review Conference

New IALANA project to promote nuclear disarmament   "Questions Relating to the Implementation of the Obligation to Pursue  and Bring to a Conclusion Negotiations Leading to Nuclear Disarmament  (work in progress)" is the title of a Draft Application recently  published by the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear  Arms (IALANA), which was described by IALANA representatives as a   possible "World Court Project II". (The original World Court Project was   the successful NGOs' initiative to put the question to the  International Court of Justice whether or not nuclear weapons are  illegal by international law.)    So far, an Executive Summary of this project exists which certainly will   be discussed during the NGO gatherings around the forthcoming NPT Review   Conference. You can get this paper as an rtf-file from the WNII editor.    NOTE in addition that IALANA is publishing "IALANA Update", a bimonthly  newsletter which is digitally available to anyone who is interested in   legal aspects of nuclear disarmament. In order to be added to the  mailing list, please send an e-mail to: 

Oxford Research Group: New Report on the NPT, CTBT and ABM Treaty   A new report entitled "Collective Security: A New Role for Britain" and  produced by the independent research organisation, Oxford Research  Group, highlights the threats to three crucial treaties which are   fundamental to the international arms control regime and currently in  danger of unraveling. Also, the report proposes ways in which Britain  can play a powerful international role in bringing about greater  collective security.   To order copies of the report for £5.00/$8.00 contact Oxford Research  Group at:  

IEER Conference: Nuclear Disarmament, the NPT, and the Rule of Law  (update)  http://www.ieer.org    On 24-26April, the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research  (IEER), a US-based INES member organisation, is holding this conference  (previously announced as seminar; see WNII 6/2000) at the United Nations  in New York. The main points of the conference agenda are:  

For additional information, contact Michele Boyd: 

UN Department for Disarmament Affairs NPT Press Kit   The UN Department for Disarmament Affairs has placed its NPT Press Kit on-line at:   http://www.un.org/Depts/dda/nptfolder.pdf    It contains:  


A. Nikitin: Supreme Court leaves Russian legal system in limbo (29  March 00)  

(From the Bellona Foundation, Norway)   Background: http://www.bellona.no/    On 29 March, the Russian Supreme Court failed to follow the Constitution  and put an end to more than four-year long persecution of Aleksandr Nikitin, after postponing the Supreme Court hearing for indefinite time.    The request to postpone the session came from a representative of the   Prosecutor General Office present at the trial. The prosecutor grounded  the request by saying his office did not have enough time to evaluate  sentence of acquittal in the Nikitin case reached by the St. Petersburg  City Court in December 1999. The Presiding Judge granted the request  without taking notice of the protesting defence team.   The Russian officials confronted by the West have always stressed that the court is to decide upon the fate of Aleksandr Nikitin. This is exactly what the Russian court system fails to do. The appeal lodged by  the prosecution to the Supreme Court questioning the sentence of  acquittal reached in the Nikitin case is completely groundless. It  basically advocates for the practise when sub legal acts can override  the Constitution. Thus, the Supreme Court had an easy task of following  the Constitution by reaffirming the acquittal of Nikitin. But it seems  that other considerations were involved. These considerations will become clear at the next session of the Supreme Court that will hopefully takes place in a few weeks time.


Sustainable Energy - New Challenges for Agriculture and Implications  for Land Use   http://www.sls.wau.nl/congresme/default.htm

The main objective is to bring together economists and scientists working in the area of sustainable energy and land use modeling, to discuss the implications for agriculture of a transition toward a  society that relies on sustainable energy   For more details, contact: Will Bodde, Congress Office:   

UPDATE: Disasters in the Black Sea Region: Prevention and  Liquidation of Sequences  (see WNII 2/00)  

Third Agricultural Biotechnology International Conference (ABIC  2000)  http://www.abic.net/

Under the theme, Agbiotech: The Science of a New Century, participants will consider the opportunities agricultural biotechnology can offer.   For more details,   mailto:

International Symposium on Desertification   http://www.khgm.gov.tr/isdesertification.htm

The symposium will provide a forum for presenting and discussing current  research, new technologies, recent accomplishments and practical applications in all aspects of desertification.    For more details, contact: Fikret Eyüpolu, ISD Secretary, Soil and   Fertilizer Research Institute:  mailto:

EcoEfficiency 2000 -Towards Sustainable Economic Growth  http://www.nutek.se/information/ecoefficiency2000/index.html

EcoEfficiency 2000 will present strategies for attaining sustainable  economic growth on the societal, company and product level, and will explore how profit can be increased and environmental impact reduced by applying the EcoEfficiency concept to infrastructure, corporate  strategy, product development, and use of materials and energy.   For more details,  mailto:

5th Congress on Marine Sciences   http://ioc.unesco.org/iocweb/news/external/marcuba2000_e.htm

Topics for discussion will include integrated coastal zone management, marine resources management, marine biodiversity, and the global ocean observing system   For more details,   mailto:

International Conference on Climate Change Communication  http://geognt.uwaterloo.ca/c3confer/

The Conference is intended to support effective communication as a means of strengthening the climate change science-policy process.   For more details, contact Jean Andrey, Department of Geography,  University of Waterloo:    or contact Daniel Scott, Adaptation and Impacts Research Group,  Environment Canada:  

21st ISODARCO Summer Course: Nuclear Weapons in a Vulnerable World  

From scientific discoveries prior to World War II to the Manhattan Project and the use of the atomic bomb over Hiroshima, the course will take the participant through the Cold War Arms Race to post Cold War developments. How have these weapons of mass destruction affected  political systems, relations among nations? What are the prospects for their control, management and elimination?   In the manner of ISODARCO, participants and faculty will partner in the discussions and share ideas, strategies and visions for the future.   Application should arrive not later than June 30, 2000 and should be addressed to:  Prof. Carlo Schaerf (Director of the school)     

International Conference on Forest Ecosystems - Ecology,  Conservation and Sustainable Management   http://www.agnic.org/mtg/2000/icfeecsm.html

The conference aims to share the knowledge and technologies needed for sustainable management of forest resources and biodiversity conservation, and to promote multifunctional management and forest  resources utilization   For more details,   mailto:   or  mailto:  

Biotechnology 2000 - 11th International Biotechnology Symposium   http://www.dechema.de/englisch/veransta/ibs11/pags/ibs11_1.htm

For more details, mailto:  

Earth Technologies Forum  

For more details,   mailto:    or visit:  http://www.earthforum.com/    


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