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CONTENTS of WNII No. 11/2001

Dear WNII readers, I'd like to thank all of you who have send me wishes for my recovery. I am in good condition; however, it still takes very much time to handle everything. It will take another 4 weeks, at least, until I shall be able to use my hand in a normal way again.
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"INES Newsletter" No. 32 out now

The "INES Newsletter" No. 32/February 2001 has the following contents:

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Compilation of some analytical articles published recently

NOTE: You can get the articles listed below by visiting the corresponding websites. If you wish to get all articles together, you can obtain them as an rtf-formatted email attachment from the WNII editor.


CSD9: NGO papers on Multi-Stakeholder Processes

As rtf-formatted email attachments I can make available the following papers:


"Inside the Fortress: What's going on at the FTAA negotiations?"

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) is about to launch a new, detailed briefing paper on the Free Trade Area of the Americas, called "Inside the Fortress: What's going on at the FTAA negotiations", by Marc Lee, an Economist in the British Columbia office of the CCPA. This paper looks at the structure and process of the FTAA negotiations to date, and the strategic dynamics of the hemisphere (in particular, Latin America). Then the paper looks at the specific issues on the table in the negotiations, and what they imply for Canadians and others in the Americas. It is aimed at helping NGOs and activists understand the dynamics and issues at stake in the FTAA negotiations, and the connections to trade agreements like the NAFTA and the WTO. While the FTAA represents an ambitious new attempt by trade ideologues to push the envelope of trade and investment liberalization in the Americas, the good news is that there are many cracks in the armour of the FTAA. The briefing paper will be officially launched on March 29 this year. Copies can be ordered from the CCPA national office (1-), or can be downloaded from the CCPA web site: http://www.policyalternatives.ca † (The CCPA web site also features a trade and investment briefing paper series, with downloadable papers on the WTO's GATS and TRIPs Agreements, the Agreement on Internal Trade, and more.) I can make available as an rtf-formatted email attachment a 4-page CCPA Summary of this paper. The editor.

"Stop the GATS Attack Now!"

"Stop the GATS [General Agreement on Trade in Services] Attack Now!" is an international sign-on statement which has been prepared by an international network of civil society organizations working on WTO issues. As with previous initiatives like No New Round! and Shrink or Sink!, we hope this statement will help to launch and link together a series of country-based campaigns on the GATS negotiations all over the world. Due to its length, the statement is not being published here. You can find the English version, as well as a Spanish and French translation of this statement at: http://www.tradewatch.org/gattwto/gatthome.html † (Check it often for the most updated version) Also, you can obtain the English version as an rtf-formatted email attachment from the WNII editor. Note that signatures are desired from organisations only. As of 9 March, 214 organisations from 41 countries did already sign on. The statement should formally be launched in mid-March prior to the GATS stocktaking meetings in Geneva later that month.


The Child: A Victim of War, and a Messenger of Peace

This conference will bring together government officials, experts and civil society leaders to examine ways to ensure the protection of children, and civilians in general, in the century to come. Prominent among these leaders are the members of the Canberra Commission, who will be meeting in Athens during the conference to review progress 5 years after their landmark report on the elimination of nuclear weapons. The culmination of this two day gathering will be their report to the conference on the challenges still ahead. The provisional programme includes a major opening plenary with distinguished guests, and a closing plenary at which the Canberra Commission's new statement will be given. Other sessions are planned as follows:

For more details please contact IPB Secretariat: or the Foundation for the Child and the Family:

Conference on Partnerships and Social Responsibility in the New Economy

For more, contact Niels Hojensgard, The Copenhagen Centre:

Student/Young Pugwash International Conference "Visions for Science and Technology in the New Millennium"

World Conference on Spirituality and Peace http://www.thelifefoundation.org/2001_Conference_Introduction.htm

For more details, mailto:

World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance

For more details, visit: http://www.unhchr.ch/html/racism/racism.htm


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