Dateline: March 9, 2001

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UPDATE: INES Council Meeting 24-27 May 2001 Location: Berlin, Germany; Hotel: Unter den Linden, Unter den Linden 14, (Corner: Friedrichstrasse) 10117 Berlin; Tel.: (49-30) 238 11-0

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Sustainable Solutions. Developing Products and Services for the Future [ISBN: 1 874719 36 5]

This is the title of a new publication edited by Martin Charter, The Centre for Sustainable Design, UK, and Ursula Tischner, econcept, Germany (Greenleaf Publishing: Sheffield, UK). 'Sustainable Solutions' provides state-of-the-art analysis and case studies on why and how cutting-edge companies are developing new products and services to fit 'triple-bottom-line' expectations.

The book is split into three sections. First, the broad issues of business sustainability are examined with a focus on sustainable production and consumption and consideration of North-South issues. Second, the book tackles the major methodologies and approaches toward organising and developing more sustainable products and services. Third, an outstanding collection of global case studies highlights the progress made by a wide range of companies toward dematerialisation, eco-innovation and design for durability. Finally, the book collects together a comprehensive set of web addresses of useful organisations.

Practical and comprehensive, 'Sustainable Solutions' will be essential reading for corporate managers, product designers, R&D staff, academics and all individuals interested in a definitive source on how new product and service development can and is contributing toward tackling the challenge of sustainable development.

You can request a review copy or inspection copy from: http://www.greenleaf-publishing.com 

To place an order, visit: http://www.greenleaf-publishing.com/catalogue/sussol.htm  

Selected web sources (from: "Linkages Journal", published by the International Institute for Sustainable Development) (IISD, Volume 6 Number 3, 1 March 2001; http://www.iisd.ca/linkages/journal/link0603e.pdf)



For more, visit: http://aix.meng.auth.gr/lhtee/   Or: http://www3.eureka.be/Home 

International Sustainable Development Research Conference 2001 http://www.erpenvironment.org/cfrence/sd.htm  

For more details, contact Elaine White: < >

12th Global Warming International Conference & Expo Kyoto Compliance Review

For more, visit: http://www2.msstate.edu/~krreddy/glowar/gw12c.html  

Conference on Equity and Global Climate Change http://pewclimate.org/events 

For more, contact: Christie Jorge Santelises: < >

Global Agriculture 2020: Which Way Forward? http://www.jic.bbsrc.ac.uk/events/agric2020  

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Workshop on Integrated Assessment of the Ecological, Meteorological, and Human Dimensions of Global Desertification http://www.fu-berlin.de/dahlem/Future20Meetings.htm  

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The International Network of Engineers and Scientists Against Proliferation (INESAP) can now be reached through the following new email address:

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